5 Tips For Creating An Accent Wall In Your New Home

There’s at least one wall in a room that is completely blank.  The usual response is to put some artwork on it and fill it up.  Rather than drawing attention to a blank wall, you want to take attention away from it and hope that no one notices that you haven’t put that much effort into that side of your room.  However, it’s generally a better idea to use that space and make the most of it.  If you just engage your creativity, you’ll find that there are so many things you can do with a blank wall, as indicated by this article in Huffington Post.  Accent walls can make your new home more aesthetically attractive and functional.  Here are a few tips to help you create one:

  1. Which wall should you accent?  Kristie Barnett, who calls herself the decorologist, writes, “Which wall deserves to be accented?  The one with interesting architecture, of course.”  Her idea is that you should take walls which are already interesting and make them more so.  Of course, other people disagree with this idea and go with the walls which are completely blank.  Either way, the idea is to take a wall that is only partially interesting or not interesting at all and convert it into a show piece.
  2. What accent do you choose?  In general, when people think of accent walls, they imagine one wall of a room painted a darker color.  You can accent a wall with color, of course, but you can also do so with wallpaper.  Consider this accent wall recommended by Real Simple magazine in which they try to reflect the colors of the room in the wallpaper chosen for the wall.
  3. Accenting with artwork.  To create an accent wall with artwork, you’ll need more than one piece that you really like.  Sometimes, it’s possible to cover an entire wall with a large mural or painting.  But most of the time, you’ll probably want to combine several pieces and put them up together on a wall. Often, people go with paintings or photographs that have something in common.  But you can take several paintings which look completely different and try out different arrangements until you hit upon one that works for that wall.  Once again, choose pieces that you’re going to like looking at.  Some artwork might be celebrated and thought-provoking but not something you want to look at day in and day out.
  4. Collages or corkboards.  You can accent a wall with a large collage of your own making.  Not only does this help you to visualize what you want in the future, it’s also a reflection of you that you can feel good about.  The same purpose is served by putting up a large piece of corkboard and pinning anything that catches your eye to it.  This can be a constantly changing board, as you take off old things and put up new ones
  5. Bookcases.  If you have a large collection of books, you could consider installing bookcases across one wall.  Often, when people have bookcases, it can be tempting to put decorative pieces in front of the books.  However, this can make a space look cluttered.  Instead, clear half a shelf here and there and use it as a backdrop for your knickknacks.  Reserve the rest of the space for books.  Getting bookcases in which the shelf-size is just right for your books also helps to make the wall look more attractive, in addition to being more functional.

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Lisa Walker