How To Create A Hip And Cool Kid's Room In Your New Visalia, California Home

Kids’ rooms often present a unique challenge to homeowners. Your children are the only ones who spend significant amounts of time in their bedrooms, so they should be the ones to design it, right? Yet you don’t actually want to let them do whatever they want. It is your house, too, and likely your money that is paying for the décor.

Below, we will discuss several aspects of decorating and how you can use them to your advantage when decorating your kids’ rooms.

Color: Kids love colorful things. Take their favorite color and paint one wall in that color, then choose a neutral color to paint the other walls. Grey and beige may sound boring, but they can actually be very lively when paired with an extremely bright color. Alternately, you can ask the nice clerks at Lowe’s or Home Depot to help you find a neutral color that is not grey or beige and goes along with your accent color. (Tip: choose a satin or semi-gloss paint to make the walls easier to clean.) Wall decals can add extra fun. Let your child choose any decals they want. Does your child love cars, trains, owls, trees, Star Wars, Minions? Decals are extremely easy to apply and easy to take down once your child has outgrown them. Just peel and stick and peel and stick!

Furniture: Kid’s rooms require a little extra thought when it comes to furniture. Sure, they need a bed and somewhere to store clothes. But they also need a place for their specific personality. Does your child love art? Give them a desk with all their art supplies where they can sit and create. Does your child love reading? Put a small rug in the corner of the room with a bean bag, a lamp, and a bookshelf. Do you have a teenager that loves weight lifting? Create a small weight lifting area in their room where they can exercise in their own privacy. A girl of any age might love a vanity where she can store her hair accessories, jewelry, and, if she’s old enough, her makeup.

Seating: No matter what your child’s likes and dislikes are, they will probably benefit from some extra seating. When they have friends over, they should have places to hang out. The choices are endless in this area. Bean bags are timeless, easy to move, and comfortable for all ages of child. Futon chairs that fold out into small beds are great to have around for sleepovers.

Storage: A loft bed is one of the best ways to create extra space in your child’s room. Underneath a loft bed, place a desk or make it into a permanent tent depending on your child’s age.

In the end, make sure to have fun decorating your child’s room. Ask them what they want. Take them shopping with you for accessories. Check out thrift stores and consignment stores for unique items that will bring conversation and wonder to your child’s guests.

To get a better feel for what your child’s room can become, contact us for information on purchasing one of our new homes in Visalia .

Lisa Walker