Housewarming Party Ideas For Your New Central Valley Home

The journey to a new home is full of excitement. You thought about the details. You watched as the foundation was laid, as the walls went up, as the doors and windows were installed. Now, you are the owner of a new home. 

Your home is an extension of you. It is where you spend the best hours of your day. It is home to the people you love most. 

It was once one of many homes for sale in the Central Valley. Now it’s yours. And it begs for a housewarming party because your new home is not just a thing to show. It is a huge part of your life. So, get unpacked and get the invitations ready. 

Have you ever been to a housewarming party? They can be extraordinary. They can be formal, or casual, with a full meal or simple store bought appetizers. A housewarming party is sort of like a wedding in that it should radiate you. After all, you are the reason that people will want to show up.

So as you plan the unveiling of your newest home, here are a few practical things to think about: 

Guests: Family friendly or adults only? Closest friends only or anyone is welcome? If you are planning on inviting everyone you know, the guest list may get long. In that case, consider a floating housewarming with no set time so that people can come and go as they please during the day and you won’t end up with a hundred people at your house at one time. 

Kids: If you’re expecting to host kids, have a room (yes, your backyard is considered a room) filled with your moving boxes. Kids love giant boxes and will surely find hours of fun in them. Sidewalk chalk and bubbles are also great, low maintenance activities for kids. This post on focuses mainly on holiday parties, but the ideas could be used for any occasion. 

Décor: This is one party for which you don’t have to hang special decorations. Since people just want to see your house filled with your belongings, you can stay clear of the streamers and balloons. That being said, consider a potted plant out front or a new welcome mat, or to be really festive, just a couple of balloons tied to your mailbox to let people know they are at the right place for the party. 

Food: Every party needs food. A housewarming party begs for simple appetizers. You’re probably a little overwhelmed by moving in, so veggie and fruit trays, chips and dip, a crock pot of meatballs and a tray of cookies should be plenty. If it’s summer, consider having an ice cream housewarming. If it’s winter, consider a hot chocolate bar. However, if your party is an intimate one, serving a nice dinner complete with placemats and centerpieces in your dining room or backyard will be a great way to introduce your new home to the world. 

Scavenger Hunt: Have people search your home for a pre-made list of things. Choose things that are especially unique to you. This is a great way to get people to explore your house. Or check out these different approaches to a housewarming scavenger hunt. 

Don’t have a new home yet? Then contact us to find out how we can help make the home of your dreams into the site of your future housewarming party.

Lisa Walker