13 Effective Ways To Organize Your New San Joaquin Valley Home

Man playfully pushing box with woman in it

Anyone who has ever moved an entire household knows that organization is the key to a smooth move. Organizing is often easier said than done, especially if you lived in your last home for a long period of time.

Going through everything before you move is the best strategy to organizing your new home.

But even if you have already moved and are sitting amidst a sea of boxes trying not to feel overwhelmed, or if you are throwing your arms up in frustration because you have already unpacked, there is hope.

Here are 5 steps, 3 tips and 5 creative ideas that equal 13 effective ways to organize your new home:

5 core steps to household organization

1.   Start with one room at a time. Typically, the one that is the smallest or has the least to be organized is the least stressful. Starting out on a positive note goes a long way toward finishing the project, and not giving up in frustration.

2.   Define the function of that room, and note any secondary functions. For example: the living room is where the family watches TV and keeps their car keys, sunglasses, and hats because the front door is in the same room. The primary function is family entertainment, and the secondary function is daily travel storage.

3.   Divide everything into three categories: trash, donations, and the items you want to keep. Note: if it isn’t a personal document, precious keepsake or useful tool, and it has lived either in a box or a junk drawer for most of its life, get rid of it.

4.   Haul the trash out of that room and designate an area to store the donations until you have gathered the other contributions from the rest of the house.

5.   Decide on the function of the items you are keeping, divide them into like categories, and then divide the categories by how often you use them. For example: Hair brushes, styling products and irons go in the hair category. Deodorant, dental care, and lotions go in the personal hygiene category; and make-up in its respective category. Now divide each of these categories into groups of daily use and occasional use.  

3 useful tips

1.   Occasionally used items should be put away in a closet, cabinet or drawer that is in the same room or nearby so it’s easy to find.

2.   Keep all personal documents in one sturdy container that is out of the way yet convenient to access.

3.   Any related items that can be stored inside of each other, should be so as to increase storage space. 

5 creative ideas for unused containers from around the house

1.   Have some gently used gift bags? Store smaller gift bags, name tags, bows, cards, and even wrapping tools inside.

2.   Mason jars or recycled spaghetti sauce jars make excellent use for pens, tiny items like important screws or nuts, and spare change.

3.   Most discount stores offer affordable and attractive options for storage such as containers with dividers, decorative boxes with lids, and easy-to-hang décor (keys, coats, and mail).

4.   Create your own bill organizer by installing push pins in the wall and hang document clips from them.

5.   Old suitcases are great for storing throw blankets and sheets. 


By starting out small and methodically moving through the core steps, you will be on your way to effectively organizing your home. Organizing by function and frequency of use helps to reduce clutter.

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Lisa Walker