Budget Decorator: 3 Ways To Upcycle Old Wall Art

Green pillow resting on patterned fabric

So you’re looking for a new look for spring, but don’t want to throw out your old wall art? Not to worry! There are several ways you can re-use your current wall art throughout your home so you have the freedom to order some new pieces for your walls and update your home decor. From tables to pillows, these ideas will give you plenty of opportunity to fill your home with the beauty of art.

Here are a few of our favorite wall art upcycling ideas.

Canvas Pillow
Old canvas prints can be turned into decorative throw pillows. While the pillows won’t be comfortable, they will look pretty sharp, and will put your artwork to good use.

To make a canvas print pillow, carefully remove your print from its frame, cut it to the size you desire, and cut a piece of fabric to the same size. Place the canvas and fabric together face-to-face, and pin the edges in order to keep everything in place. Sew the two pieces together around the outside edge, leaving a spot about 2 inches wide un-sewn. Using the un-sewn place, stick your hand inside the pillow, grab the opposite edge, and bring it to the outside so the pillow is right-side-out. Fill the pillow with batting, and hand stitch the hole closed.

The same method can be applied to make simple bags out of old canvas prints. These are perfect for showing off your favorite pieces while out and about.

Table Art
Old, framed paper prints make excellent table art. Find a few of your favorites, cut them into interesting shapes, and try this project.
Begin with an old table. Sand the table top down until the smooth surface becomes rough; this ensures your art will stick to the top of the table.

Next, arrange your art the way you like it. Take your time and make sure everything is exactly right. Using a sealer such as Mod Podge, glue the art into place, and let it dry for at least two hours.
After the drying session is complete, cover the whole table top in a layer of Mod Podge. When this layer has dried, you may feel the need to add another layer or two; just make sure to let the previous layer dry first.

To add a layered effect, put a few layers of Mod Podge between each set of pictures. This will add depth to your table top. You can add glitter, flowers, sequins, and other fun decorations to the mix.
The same technique will also work on TV trays, wooden jewelry boxes, and much more.

Canvas Head Board
If you have some large prints, why not move them into the bedroom to create a canvas headboard? Prints can be hung on the wall just above the bed to give the illusion of being a headboard. This works best with a series of coordinating prints or with one very large print.

These are just some of the fun things you can do with old prints. Take a look around and see what other interesting ideas you can come up with. You never now what amazing idea you might have next!

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Lisa Walker