Getting to Know Your New Neighbors In The Central Valley

Group of friends making a toast in the backyard

We know relocating your entire family to a new area can take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. You may feel nervous, excited, anxious and a variety of other emotions. So many questions will swirl around in your head, including the following:

• Will my neighbors be nice and friendly?
• Where can I do my grocery shopping?
• When is trash pickup day?
• Will my children make friends easily?

If you are moving to a community where you do not know anyone, we understand the uneasy feeling you may have during the first week you are in your new neighborhood. When you move to a new neighborhood, you are going to meet different people from different backgrounds. You will eventually form lasting friendships with many of these people, and they will become part of your family. It will be great to have a friendly face across the street or next door.

If you think walking to your neighbors’ homes and introducing yourself will cause you to break out in hives, there are other ways you can introduce yourself. We hope these tips allow you to meet your new neighbors and form friendships that will last forever.

Don’t Be Shy, Just Say “Hi”

If you want to make the first move by introducing yourself, the first move should be to your neighbor’s house. Knock on your neighbor’s door, say “hi,” and give them your name. All of this sounds easy enough, right?

This is one of the best ways to make a positive introduction and to place your stamp in the community. If you are nervous about the introduction, you can always use the move as a conversation starter. If there have been plenty of noise and other commotion, you can apologize to your neighbors about the noise. Your neighbors should appreciate you taking the time to apologize, and before you know it, you will have started a full conversation with one of your new neighbors.

What Do You Want To Know?

If you want to have interesting conversations with your neighbors, ask as many questions as you can think of. If you want to know about the lifestyle, shopping, schools, etc., you should feel comfortable asking your neighbors. Your neighbors may appreciate your taking a serious and genuine interest in the community. If your neighbors and friendly and welcoming, they may even offer to show you some of their favorite spots.

Host A Gathering

If you have spent a couple of days conversing with your new neighbors, you can invite them to a small gathering at your house. We know you may be uncomfortable with having people in your home after you have recently moved in, but you do not have to host a large party. You can invite a few people over to your home. You can invite them over for BBQ, a few drinks or watch a game. When you invite people into your home, they will eventually return the favor and invite you into their home.

Common Interests

After you have spent time getting to know your neighbors and their families, you will probably discover many things you have in common. If you discover you have the same interests as one or more of your neighbors, make plans to hang out and have fun. If you like a certain type of food, movie types, hiking, bike riding, etc., you can enjoy these opportunities as a family.

If you plan to live in your new community for many years, you can create lasting memories when you get to know your neighbors. Are you ready to meet your new neighbors? SJV Homes now has open for sale 10 communities with a combined 845 single-family homes. If you would like more information, sign up for our interest list here.

Lisa Walker