Upstairs, Downstairs... Do you prefer one or two stories?

white walls and neutral flooring at hall and spindled staircase

There are so many considerations to be made when shopping for a house…and a major decision can be whether or not to go with a single-story – often called a ranch style or bungalow – or a two-story home. Many times, this is simply a personal decision – one may be more appealing than the other. If you’re on the fence as to which type to buy, our list of pros for each may help you:

Single-story pros:
1. Every day cleaning is easier since, basically, it’s all on one floor…no lugging laundry, cleaning supplies or the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs.
2. They’re often safer for the younger – and the older – set. Let’s face it. Stairs can be troublesome to some who have limited or no mobility. If you have very little children or elderly adults living with you, they may be more comfortable not needing to navigate a flight of steps all day long.
3. They tend to be quieter since there is no one above the ground floor walking around.
4. Outdoor home maintenance – think roofing, gutters and holiday lights – can be much easier to manage in a single-story home since a standard ladder is all that is necessary for access.

Two-story pros:
1. You may get more outdoor space since building a large two-story home requires a smaller footprint than a ranch house.
2. Some two-story homes benefit from air conditioning and heating systems that can be segregated by floor, which, ultimately leads to more efficient heating and cooling.
3. People living in multiple stories experience a greater sense of privacy since bedrooms and living spaces are often located on different floors.
4. If you’re lucky enough to live in a scenic area, you may benefit from expansive second floor views.

Regardless of the style of home you choose, both options can lend a cozy, wonderful place to live. We are pleased to offer both styles of houses to those looking for a place to live in the San Joaquin Valley. You can visit our website to see which neighborhood best suits your lifestyle – on one floor or two!