Inspire Your Home Décor With Your Travel Treasures

brightly colored bowls with bold designs

Create a Travel Gallery

Instead of storing all your travel pictures on your phone where only you can see them, print out a bunch and start a wall travel gallery. Pick some of your favorite destinations that showcase iconic images and a few cute selfies with fabulous backgrounds and dedicate a place in your house where you can enjoy them all the time. You can switch them out or even expand the gallery as you visit new places. 

Map It Out

Many stores and websites sell maps (personalized and general) for pinning destinations you’ve traveled to. This can be a fun way of seeing all the places you’ve been at a glance. Use colored pins to designate where you’ve been, where you’re going and where you want to go. 

Pop Some Corks

If you love to visit wineries, bring the memories of beautiful vineyards back home with you. Save the corks from treasured bottles of wine and put them in a glass container and use a centerpiece on your dining room table. 

Create a Collection

Buy one usable item that is the same from each place you go like a trivet, a mug or even a tea towel. These useful items can be used every day in your home and add a fun decorating element to your space that evokes memories each time use them. 

Decorating with your travel tchotchkes can not only help you reminisce about your holidays, but also starts meaningful conversations with your guests. And these little souvenirs can provide interesting, colorful and useful elements for your home to be treasured for many, many years. 

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