Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in Your New San Joaquin Valley Home

Thanksgiving table with platters of food and place settings

Have you ever dreamed of hosting an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner for lots of people? Now that you have a new home with a big kitchen and ample entertaining space, you can! But where to start? We’ve prepared a checklist to help you achieve a bountiful Thanksgiving feast fit for your treasured family and friends. 

  1. Ask for help. Doing everything yourself is not only a daunting task, it’s unnecessary. Your guests and family will love to pitch in whether it’s by providing a portion of the meal, picking up the beverages or lending supplies.
  2. Plan everything. Make a detailed plan a few weeks ahead that includes your shopping list and what items you’ll need to rent, borrow or purchase like extra dishes, serving spoons, etc. Keep it on your phone so you can add to it whenever you think of something.
  3. Perfection is impossible! Unexpected events like forgetting to thaw the turkey or serving cold mashed potatoes may happen, but your friends and family won’t care. All they know is you went out of your way to make them feel at home and loved. The rest is “gravy.”
  4. Decorate in advance. Part of the fun of hosting such an event is decorating the house! This is the time to plan your table settings, scatter around some autumn décor and master any DIY crafts you plan to present.
  5. Prep food items ahead. Food items like the dessert, peeled potatoes and chopped vegetables can all be done at least a day in advance. Check those tasks off your list as early as you can, giving you more time to prepare for the main event on the day of.
  6. Go with what you know. Even though you may be dying to try out a new stuffing recipe, maybe this isn’t the day to do it. If you really want to serve something new, practice a few weeks in advance and master it before Thanksgiving Day. If you don’t have time, stick to your traditional, tried and true recipes. 

As you prepare for your big day, your goal should be to greet your guests at the front door as calmly and relaxed as possible. With a little preparation, all the little details will be sorted out and your guests will feel warm and welcomed. All of us at San Joaquin Valley Homes wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!