Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away, and this year, it may be different than any other you’ve celebrated. Instead of visiting mom or sending her off for a day of pampering, you may have to change how you and your family celebrate. A little creative thinking combined with some thoughtful touches will have mom feeling very loved. 

A family video call – If mom lives in another city, state or country, schedule a video call with her and let all your family members know near and far how to join. You could even make this a surprise conference! She’ll love seeing all your faces. 

Garden supplies – If mom is a gardener, give her a care package of all the items she’ll need to plant a beautiful garden. Start with a giant pot and then provide everything from the soil to the flowers to the tools she’ll need to make a little special Mother’s Day garden. 

Movie time – This can be anytime of the day! If you have little ones, pick a family friendly movie and watch it during the daylight hours together. If your mom lives elsewhere, take advantage of group watching on some of the streaming channels, so you and mom can watch the same movie together in real time. 

Get crafty – If mom has always wanted to learn a new craft, order the supplies needed in advance and either have them shipped directly to her if she lives elsewhere or to your home. You can include all the materials needed along with a simple how-to book and/or pattern to get her started. 

Gift vouchers – While mom can’t necessarily visit her favorite spa or hotel now, many places are selling vouchers and certificates for future visits. You’re not just giving mom a thoughtful gift; you’re also helping local businesses. 

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be anything but settling in at home and surrounding her with the love, attention and care she deserves. Enjoy your time together either in person or through a video call, and that will be the very best gift she can receive. 

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