Creating Holiday Traditions In Your New Home

Creating Holiday Traditions In Your New Home

If this is your first holiday season in your new home, you may be extra excited to start new family traditions that last a lifetime and even be passed down to the next generation. Of course as we prepared this list, we’ve taken in account our recent collective need for staying close to home and socially distancing from others. Enjoy!

Visit holiday lights together Pack everyone in the car together with some to-go cups of hot cocoa and drive around town looking at holiday lights. Look online first for the most impressive streets and communities in your area. 

Countdown using an advent calendar These fun little calendars can be as simple as a piece of chocolate on each day to an elaborate activity. Have fun picking out the best one for your family! 

Have a gift scavenger hunt Celebrate the days of the holidays with a special scavenger hunt every day. You can hide your gift in creative spots and give your kids clues to find it. The first one to find it, gets the gift! 

Give ornaments every year Always a sweet idea, give your children – and even your partner – a meaningful ornament each year. It can be part of a collection or represent something that happened that year. 

Buy matching pajamas Not just for the kids, get matching pairs for the whole family and take fun selfies together. 

Bake together If you have a favorite, traditional cookie or Christmas sweets recipes, teach your children how to prepare it and do so every year. Treat yourselves to matching aprons too. 

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