Five Ways to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Organize holiday decorations

Before you start to put away the many bins of decorations you may have pulled out for the season, let’s focus and regroup on how to store them again. If your M.O. was to frantically search box after box in the garage for everything you need, we’ve come up with some solutions to help you make next year’s holiday hunt a little easier! 

  1. Use plastic storage bins. Either clear plastic bins (so you can see everything inside) or clearly labeled dark plastic bins are best. They will be air, dust and watertight and keep everything nicely tucked away and stackable.
  2. Holiday purge. As you mindfully take everything down and seal it back away for the next 11 months, make some hard decisions. Were there items you didn’t even use this year? Is it time to let some of them go? You can either donate, toss or sell them to another family who might enjoy them too.
  3. Use an inventory checklist or app. This is especially helpful if you decide to go with dark bins. You can easily check on your app to immediately find your holiday linens, ornaments, tree, tree stand, etc. without opening every box.
  4. Dedicated storage. If space allows, commit one storage space in your home to your holiday decorations. Instead of having some in a closet, the garage, under a bed or in the attic, pick one spot that will do the trick. This will make it so much easier next year when it’s time to pull it all out again.
  5. Fix it first. If you have some items that didn’t survive the holiday, but are still fixable, repair them before you store them. If you do it this year, you’ll have all the pieces on hand for repair, and you’ll thank your past self when you pull out items all in good working order next year. 

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