Six Ideas for a Beautiful Kitchen Design

Kitchen with Carrera marble counters and white cabinets in the Verona plan

The most overworked and visited room in your house is undeniably the kitchen. As they say, it’s the heart of the home. Here are some fun and convenient ways to design and organize this much-loved space. 

Kitchen islands – Kitchen islands are a fabulous way to incorporate storage and convenience into a kitchen. If your home is an open floor plan with an adjacent living area, islands allow the person in the kitchen to interact easily with the other people in the room. They can house appliances, sinks, lots of additional cabinets and, often, additional seating. 

Pendant lighting – There is a massive selection of hanging lights from elegant and classic to trendy and eclectic available in specialty stores, big box stores and online. Dangle these delicate lights over kitchen islands and tables. 

Single surface countertops – The options for this are many including marble, granite, quartz, concrete, soapstone, limestone and wood. Each has pros and cons, so before committing, research the best one for your lifestyle. 

Bursts of color – Even if your kitchen vibe is white and bright, add a few pops of color here and there for a little bit of personality and surprise. Perhaps it’s a bright blue range or a painted cupboard door. 

Open layouts to living areas – Many homes today are built with expansive open spaces that combine dining, cooking and living in one. Fewer formal designated areas in separate rooms means your family and friends can all congregate in one warm and friendly space. 

Dark floors – To really show off your light color scheme in your cabinet and countertop choices, opt for a rich, dark floor color. The best cabinet color choices for this look include light tans, white or other neutral tones. 

Many of the kitchens at San Joaquin Valley Homes are complete with loads of storage, snack counters, kitchen islands, beautiful cabinetry and stainless appliances, and often you can select your own finishes to suit your personal style. Come visit our many models and wander through this important room to see which one works best for your family.