A Very Special Father’s Day

Father's Day

Father’s Day is the one day of the year we dedicate to that very cool guy we call, or think of, as dad. A typical Father’s Day consists of a special meal, a fun activity and a visit if he lives elsewhere. This year you may want to handle this occasion a little differently, so we’ve come up with some ways to make dad feel just as special as ever! 

A special breakfast – You can never go wrong with an early trip to the kitchen to prepare his favorites and serve them to him in bed or on your patio or back garden. Don’t forget his coffee or a special celebratory breakfast drink. 

A family video call – If dad lives in another city, state or country, schedule a video call with him and let all your family members know near and far how to join. You could even make this a surprise conference! 

Relaxation –In the morning give him a basket of goodies like some magazines about his favorite topics, sunscreen, a new book, etc. And then…leave him alone! Let him spend a few hours solo on the couch, swinging in a hammock or in his favorite lounge chair in the back garden. 

Drive-by – If dad lives nearby, schedule a surprise drive-by to his home. You can wave, shout I love you from the car and even drop off a gift to him. You’ll all love seeing each other if even from a distance.

 Unique experiences – Many local businesses are creating at-home experiences from high end take-out dining to winery hosted at-home wine-tastings. If dad’s still not ready or able to go out yet, bring the fun to him. 

Dad deserves the very best and this year does not have to be any different! If you have little kids, decorate your home with printed out photographs, drawings and cut out hearts and pictures to make him feel loved and appreciated on this very special day. 

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