What to Expect at a Seller’s Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Congratulations! You’ve just picked out your favorite San Joaquin Valley Homes house to live in! But now you must sell your current one. One of the many steps of the sales process is the dreaded home inspection. Here are some ideas on what to expect. Knowing what could be coming can you help you prepare, and in turn, have a successful and, hopefully, fast closing! 

  • Be upfront with your agent at listing time about any maintenance or concerns you think you have or had in the past. Is there a leaky faucet? Are there any damages to windows or doors? You don’t want him/her to have any obvious surprises when they show the house.
  • You’ll need to allow a good amount of time for the inspection – a couple of hours at least - and plan to be out of the house along with any pets. Ask your agent if he/she is planning to attend all or part of the inspection. This is good for you because you’ll find out firsthand if there are any issues or concerns that you can possibly address on the spot and over the phone prior to the formal report.
  • Because a good impression is golden, leave your house in tip top shape and with all the lights and fans on. You want all the areas that need to be inspected easily accessible like the attic and the garage. Clear out any clutter that may impede the inspection.
  • Ask your agent for a copy of an inspection list prior to the actual day-of event. With that in hand in advance, you can go through it on your own and fix or replace anything you believe might come up. This includes signs of water damage, leaking pipes, toilets that run, etc.
  • Once the inspection report is completed and has been seen by both parties, work with your realtor to negotiate what you will do or can’t accomplish. Some of the options you might have are to get everything fixed or a closing credit. Sometimes you can barter for items like furniture, electronics or appliances. 

If you are searching for a new home, please know San Joaquin Valley Homes is still busy building homes throughout the Central Valley. Our model homes are open daily, we offer private in-person appointments and our virtual tours are available on our website.