Seven Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer

Stay Cool

The Central Valley of California is known for its beautiful national parks, lush agriculture and its hot summer climate. But don’t fear those melting summer days. Of course, the A/C is the most comfortable way to stay cool, but if you’re looking for alternatives, there are other ways to beat the heat at home. Some may even save you some money! 

Ceiling and Portable Fans. Install ceiling fans in the high traffic areas like your great room, bedrooms and home office. And in rooms you don’t frequent as much, purchase room-sized fans and circulators you can move from place to place. If you have an outdoor space, install a fan there too. And for an extra boost of cool air, put ice or cold water in front of the fan. 

Whole House Fan. The basic premise of a whole house fan is to blow out the hot air and bring in the cool air. Using a small fan installed in your attic and strategically opening and closing windows and doors in the evening, this an extremely effective and efficient way to cool down your house – especially in the evening and early morning. 

Windows. If you’re in a new home, you’ll likely have energy efficient windows already. If not, consider upgrading your current ones to windows that cut down the intake of sun and heat. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference new windows will make. Unbearably hot rooms will be much more comfortable. 

Change the Bulbs. Incandescent and halogen bulbs create light through heat, which means that heat is still around. Change them out for LEDs or at the very least, lower wattages. 

Keep it Dark in the Day. Drapes, shades and shutters should all be closed during the day to keep sunlight out. In the evening once the sun is setting, you can open them again. This will drop your interior temperature quite a few degrees throughout the day. 

Drink water. Staying hydrated is a sure way to stay cool. And while an ice-cold glass of water sounds refreshing, chilled water is a better way to go as it will help cool you from the inside. 

Cool your Pulse Points. Placing an icepack or cool, wet towel on your wrists, ankles and the back of your knees is a quick way to cool down. 

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