Four Ways Your Kids Can Feel Great in Their New Home

Kids New Home

It’s often easier for adults to settle into a new home. Since they’re the ones who have taken care of all the details including the paperwork, the searching, securing the financing and moving, they’re likely to be relieved when it’s all done. Kids, however, just see that they’ve gone from one place to another. They will have to adjust to a new neighborhood, a new room, new friends and often a new school, so it may take a little more time to settle. These four tips will help ease their transition.

  1. Unpack their rooms first. Of course, the kitchen will need some TLC on moving day, but as soon as you can, get their rooms unpacked and the bed made so your kids can start to feel comfortable there as soon as possible. Even better would be to set aside some boxes of just toys, books and stuffed dolls that they can unpack themselves to feel like they are truly part of the process. Let them decide where these special items will go in their new room. 
  1. Prepare by reading. Especially if your kids are young, there are a variety of books available that cover the topic of moving. Read these to your kids every day, so they can get a feeling for what to expect and how their favorite characters handled the change. You can even refer back to these books after you’ve moved. 
  1. Visit early and often. As soon as you have purchased your new home, take your kids there right away if it’s possible. Let them get a feel in advance for what they can expect once they are living there. Show them where their school will be, local parks, community centers, etc. If visiting in person isn’t possible, do a virtual walk through on Google maps. 
  1. Be patient. It may take some time for them to transition and how long this will be associated with how old your kids are when they move – toddlers will shift easier while older kids who have left friends behind may need a longer period to settle in. 

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