Six Tips for a Cool Dog

Cool Dog

Doggone it! This summer is still heating up and your favorite four-legged, fur-covered friend is likely feeling the effects of the season. Not only is a cool dog a happy dog – he’s a healthy dog too. Try some of these ways to keep your pup from overheating and feeling uncomfortable in the heat. 

Water water water. A hot dog loves fresh cold water. And lots of it. Make sure there is plenty available inside and outside. You can even invest in a freezable dog bowl that is constructed with frozen gel packs built inside the stainless steel. If you’re going out in the car, take along a collapsible bowl you can fill up at a fountain or with cold water bottles you bring. 

Be mindful of hot surfaces. Check the sidewalk temperature before going on walks to avoid blistered paws. Place your bare foot on the sidewalk and hold for 10 seconds – if it’s too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your pup! 

Give them icy cold treats. You can purchase freezable chew toys! Other options include icepacks that you wrap around their bodies, and in a pinch, they can cuddle up with a frozen water bottle. For a super fun treat, give them a frozen banana now and then! 

Designate a cool spot. This can be anywhere from a shady tree to a spot in front of a fan to a tile floor corner in the kitchen or foyer. Most likely your dogs will find this spot themselves, but when they find it, they’ll be in cool heaven. Avoid dog houses, as they trap heat similar to how a car does on a hot day. 

Make a splash! If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in the backyard, yippee for the dog. If not, purchase a plastic kiddie pool and let your pooch splash it out. Invite some dog friends over and have a pool party! 

Cool him down. Not every dog wants to play with a water hose or in the pool, so for a more subtle approach, cover your dog with a damp towel or spray him with a misty water bottle. This will be just enough to cool Fido down without having to be soaking wet and having your house smell like, well, a wet dog! 

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