Five Ways to Wrap up the Gift of Money

Wrapping money

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to buy certain people on your gift list a present, so you may resort to giving hard, cold cash. While cash is almost always welcome, it’s a bit lackluster in its ability to feel special or personal. Not to worry! By utilizing some of these ultra-creative ways of wrapping up this ultimate paper gift, you’ll be giving this seemingly simple present a pop of pizazz! 

  1. Pop it! Find a huge box and fill it with a bunch of blown-up balloons. Of course, in each of these balloons place a bill inside. The person opening the gift will have to pop all the balloons to get to the money!
  2. Hide it! Take a mason jar and insert a tube in the middle or roll up some paper and tape it together to make a tube. Slip the bills inside the tube. Then fill up the area around the tube with candies. When the recipient gets the gift, they’ll think it’s just some candy in a glass jar. The best is yet to come when they open the lid!
  3. (Un)wrap it! Tape a string of bills carefully together at each end. Then, using a toilet paper tube, adhere the first bill to the tube and then wrap it around continuously like a roll of toilet paper. Once you get to the end tie it up with a big red bow.
  4. Box it! Using an empty candy box, save the individual paper cups each candy comes in. Into each little candy wrapper, place the folded bills and a few coins. If you want to be extra creative, you can make a “map” of the money similar to what you receive when it’s candy.
  5. Frame it! Tape a few bills (the bigger the better!) on a piece of paper and slide it behind the glass of a frame. On the paper have the words, “Break Glass in Case of an Emergency!” printed. Your giftee will think twice before spending the money!! 

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