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STREETINSIDER>COM: " 2015: A Banner Year For San Joaquin Valley Homes"

Local homebuilder San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) had a successful year in 2015 with 268 homes sold. SJV Homes constructed and closed 237 homes in 2015 — a 67 percent increase over the 142 homes it closed in 2014. The company also closed out one subdivision and added two more. “Our second full year as a production homebuilder has been a very successful and satisfying year,” said Joe Leal, co-founder for Visalia-based San Joaquin Valley Homes. “And we continue to grow, we are adding a new neighborhood, Sedona, at the Palo Verde master plan in East Tulare and hope to have a grand opening in March. We will work around the El Nino spring rains to schedule that because we, like everyone else, desperately want rain for our region.” SJV Homes closed out Catalina in December 2015, its first subdivision in Tulare County with 71 units.

YAHOO! Finance: "2015: A Banner Year For San Joaquin Valley Homes"

Local homebuilder San Joaquin Valley Homes (SJV Homes) had a successful year in 2015 with 268 homes sold. SJV Homes constructed and closed 237 homes in 2015 — a 67 percent increase over the 142 homes it closed in 2014. The company also closed out one subdivision and added two more. “Our second full year as a production homebuilder has been a very successful and satisfying year,” said Joe Leal, co-founder for Visalia-based San Joaquin Valley Homes. “And we continue to grow, we are adding a new neighborhood, Sedona, at the Palo Verde master plan in East Tulare and hope to have a grand opening in March. We will work around the El Nino spring rains to schedule that because we, like everyone else, desperately want rain for our region.”

13 Effective Ways To Organize Your New San Joaquin Valley Home

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Anyone who has ever moved an entire household knows that organization is the key to a smooth move. Organizing is often easier said than done, especially if you lived in your last home for a long period of time. Going through everything before you move is the best strategy to organizing your new home. But even if you have already moved and are sitting amidst a sea of boxes trying not to feel overwhelmed, or if you are throwing your arms up in frustration because you have already unpacked, there is hope.

Water From The Sky On San Joaquin Valley Homes

What are those strange drops falling from the sky? Some new agricultural technique or unheard of environmental phenomenon? Don’t panic. It’s just rain: unfamiliar enough in these parts to cause wonder at their appearance and, ultimately, gratitude. We now have water filling our aquifers, watering our farms, and greening our backyards. It’s time to switch prepping around the house from unending dryness to moisture, thanks to the effects of El Niño. Helping you to do just that are the following tips, mostly from the Los Angeles Times. Clear the exterior gutters and drains. There was no need to worry about the leaves, branches, and other debris falling on your gutters or piling up around your storm drains since neither were ever in use. But this debris can prevent water from effectively draining from your property, which can cause flooding and water damage. Clear these accumulations and while you’re at it, inspect your gutters for any leaks and ensure they are pressed tightly against the roof line. Make repairs immediately to prevent any holes from getting bigger.

San Joaquin Valley Homebuilders Reveal A Bright Future For Tulare County

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It’s fairly easy to find out how Tulare County is doing with a drive around the area. The bustle in the shops of Visalia and Tulare, the condition of roads and other public construction, and even the types of homes and prices at our developments reveal something about the area economy. But if you’re going to move your family and yourself to this part of California, you need assurances beyond your agent’s optimism that the future looks bright. For objective information, you can turn to the California County-Level Economic Forecast put out by the Economic Analysis Branch of the California Department of Transportation. The report predicts how the state will be doing from 2013 to 2040, with much of the focus from 2013 to 2018. Here are the highlights for Tulare County.

Prepping For The New Year In Central Valley Homes

The New Year is a great time to take stock of where you are with your Central Valley home and where you want to take it, whether you’ve just moved in or have been living there awhile. You can take care of stuff that you may not have time for during the rest of the year. Here are a few things that you may want to do this month before the rest of the year catches up with you. Get rid of Christmas. As much as you may enjoy the holiday season, its decor has to come down now. Carefully put away the tinsel, wreaths, and garlands for use next year. Wrap your Christmas lights around a long and stiff piece of cardboard, so they don’t tangle when you need them. If you have any decorations that are questionable, such as an animated figure that is on its last legs, get rid of them now so they doesn’t occupy valuable storage space. You can always buy replacements come December.

Millennials Beware: Rookie Home Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are looking to buy a home for the first time, these tips will apply to you at any age. But, according to the National Association of Realtors, the millennial generation represents the largest share of those in the market to buy a home. Even if you’ve been through the real estate drill before, it doesn’t hurt to review rookie home buying mistakes that you and everyone should avoid. Mistake #1: Incorrectly estimating what you can afford All too often, and not just with younger people, many buyers forget to include mortgage principal and interest, homeowners insurance, real estate taxes, and homeowner association fees (if applicable) when calculating their monthly payments. As a general rule, the total should not exceed 28% of your gross (pre-tax) income.

Your Children And Your New San Joaquin Valley Home

You could gush on for hours on what you like about the San Joaquin Valley home that you intend to buy. The open floor plan, the stainless-steel appliances and how the community center gives you the benefits of a pool without any of the upkeep. So why are your kids not as excited? Not only do they whine and moan about the new digs but they’re openly hostile about your planned move. Put yourselves in their little shoes for a second. Your parents just told you that we are moving to a new house in a few days. You don’t know why since you’re perfectly fine with the only house you’ve ever known. You suddenly have to leave all your friends and your school to deal with something that is unknown and scary. It’s no wonder that you don’t want to go.

5 Holiday Survival Tips For Owners Of New Homes In Hanford, California

The holiday season is stressful for new home owners. Moving around the holidays is never enjoyable, and the first holiday season in a new home comes with its own set of unexpected pressures. Here are the holiday survival tips you need to survive the holiday season in your new home in Hanford. 1. Invite Your Family To Your New Home This might seem counterintuitive. The last thing you want as you struggle to get settled into your new home is a house full of guests. There is the cleaning, the cooking, and the inevitable family feuds that arise around the holidays. There are so many reasons to dread holiday guests, especially with a new house, that we forget that family is what the holidays are all about. Your family won’t care if you are still half unpacked from the moving process or are still deciding on an interior decorating scheme. If they do care about these things, let it slide. Don’t let a new home keep your family apart during the holidays. Besides, they want to see your new place as well as you and yours.

5 Tips For Holiday Entertaining In Your New Home In Tulare

The holidays are just around the corner and, for many people, that means entertaining groups of friends and family. Since you’ve just bought a new home, you’ll naturally want to show off your home and your hosting abilities. You can successfully pull off even the busiest holiday entertainment schedule by following these five simple tips for holiday entertaining in your new home in Tulare. The Invitation List You want to invite everyone you know and love to your holiday party, that’s understandable. However, you have to keep in mind the amount of space that you have when you’re finalizing your guest list. According to TLC’s Clinton Kelly, there’s an easy formula you can use to calculate the perfect number of guests. First of all, you’ll need to know the square footage of your home. You’ll then take that figure and divide it by five, which is the number of feet of personal space each of your guests will need. Therefore, if your space is 1,000 square feet, divided by five, you can comfortably entertain up to 200 people

Be Thankful For Your Beautiful New Home This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is coming up fast. Will you be home? Will you make a turkey? Will you invite friends and family over to celebrate? Will you be untraditional and have it catered? Or make a butternut squash lasagna with a pear and gorgonzola salad and garlic bread? Whatever your plans this year, don’t stress about it! Thanksgiving is a time for thankfulness. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of your Thanksgiving feast. First, infuse your days with thankfulness. That’s what this holiday yearns for. So gather your family and practice it. Practice it every day leading up to The Great Day of Thanks. If you have children (or even if you don’t) cut out a tree from brown paper, or paint one, and purchase fake leaves from the dollar store. Every day, write one thing you’re thankful for on one leaf and attach it to the tree. Use your children’s hands for leaves, use real tree branches and set them in a vase, or make it super easy by taping your thankful leaves to a piece of yarn, creating a thankful garland. Hang it on your mantel, in your hallway, or on a wall in your kitchen.

Pet-Friendly Tips For Moving Into Your New Home In Tulare

Moving into a new home is exciting. With new construction, your family gets to make the first memories inside your home’s walls. This includes your furry family members too. New homes are great for pet owners. No previous owners mean there are no hidden toxins like rat poison or pesticides waiting for your pets to ingest. Best of all, your new home is clean, without old pet stains or smells. There are still a few things to keep in mind. As you settle into your new home in Tulare, keep your pet happy and safe by following these pet-friendly new home guidelines. 1. Keep Pets Away From Packing Materials The moving process creates temporary chaos. Boxes, packing peanuts, and packing paper pile up quickly as your family’s possessions find their new locations. This mess poses dangers to pets. Dogs and cats, especially stressed out dogs and cats, often mistake packing materials for toys. Light and airy packing peanuts skitter across the floor, tempting dogs and cats to chase and eat them. These styrofoam peanuts cause intestinal blockages and choking hazards, costing you hundreds of dollars in emergency vet fees.

Buying A San Joaquin Valley Home With Someone Else

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Owning your own San Joaquin Valley home is part of the American dream because it’s an investment in the future and frees you from the demands of a landlord or apartment management company. It also signals to the world that you’re mature and stable enough to take over long-term financial responsibility. However, you can often only achieve this goal with the help of someone else with a steady income. Typically, that someone is a spouse and such two-person purchases happen often enough that they attract no attention. But if the person you’re partnering up with to buy a home has a different relationship or is unrelated to you, you must consider the following for the transactions to proceed successfully. Financing Buying a property with someone else doesn’t differ whether you’re doing it with a friend, business partner, or spouse. However, all parties to the purchase must have enough income, a stable job industry, and a good credit report to qualify for financing. If one person does not meet those requirements, then the lender will not issue a mortgage. One option is to leave the unqualified person off the mortgage but keep him on the title. But this means that the person left becomes legally responsible for the debt. the other person essentially owns the home free-and-clear since he has no documented financial responsibility.

Packing, Unpacking And Getting Settled Into A New Home In Visalia, California

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So you found a new home that you love. You have signed the paperwork, and now you are ready to pack up your belongings and move on to life in your new home. But it’s not that simple. Moving can provoke all kinds of emotions. While excited for what lies ahead, you are probably a little sentimental about leaving something behind. You are full of enthusiasm for the move, but you are not really that excited about seeing all your things in boxes. Excitement can really take a nosedive when you’re packing. It may not seem like you have much stuff, but once you get your books off the shelves and the kid’s toys out from under the bed, and all your dishes out of the cabinets, a whole day has gone by and you haven’t even packed up half the house. Once you do finally pack all your things and get them inside your new home, you will likely be exhausted. In order to help you survive your first night in your new home, we have put together a few tips to encourage you in the endeavor: • Easy unpacking starts with organized packing. It might be tempting to just throw things in boxes, but unpacking will be so much more pleasant if you can pack according to room. Don’t just think about your current home, either. Think about the new home you’re moving into. Your new home might have a dining room, but your former home may have just had an eat-in kitchen. Your new home might have an office, but your former home may have just had a roll-top desk in a corner of your bedroom. Get the idea yet? Things that are in your kitchen or living room now might be better suited in your new dining room.

San Joaquin Valley Homes To Hold Grand Opening At Tuscany, A New Community In Northwest Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – October 30, 2015 – San Joaquin Valley Homes will hold a grand opening event on Saturday, October 31, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Tuscany, a new community with two communities totaling 212 single-family homes on 66.5 acres in northwest Bakersfield, Calif. Bret Michaels of KUZZ AM/FM will broadcast a live remote and spin the Free Money Machine during the event, where guests can enjoy drinks and treats from Too Fat Sandwiches, enter a raffle to win a Go Pro camera and other prizes. In addition, guests will receive special incentives toward closing costs and options. Tuscany is SJV Homes’ seventh project in the Central Valley and seventh joint venture with Presidio Residential Capital, a San Diego-based real estate investment company, which acquired the land for Tuscany last year in collaboration with Cornerstone Communities.

How To Create A Hip And Cool Kid's Room In Your New Visalia, California Home

Kids’ rooms often present a unique challenge to homeowners. Your children are the only ones who spend significant amounts of time in their bedrooms, so they should be the ones to design it, right? Yet you don’t actually want to let them do whatever they want. It is your house, too, and likely your money that is paying for the décor. Below, we will discuss several aspects of decorating and how you can use them to your advantage when decorating your kids’ rooms. Color: Kids love colorful things. Take their favorite color and paint one wall in that color, then choose a neutral color to paint the other walls. Grey and beige may sound boring, but they can actually be very lively when paired with an extremely bright color. Alternately, you can ask the nice clerks at Lowe’s or Home Depot to help you find a neutral color that is not grey or beige and goes along with your accent color. (Tip: choose a satin or semi-gloss paint to make the walls easier to clean.) Wall decals can add extra fun. Let your child choose any decals they want. Does your child love cars, trains, owls, trees, Star Wars, Minions? Decals are extremely easy to apply and easy to take down once your child has outgrown them. Just peel and stick and peel and stick!

Beware Of These Homeowners Insurance "Gotchas"

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If you’re a current property owner or want to buy one of our new San Joaquin Valley homes, you most likely know of the need for homeowners insurance. The coverage protects your investment. Besides, no lender will issue a mortgage unless you have an adequate policy. But you may assume certain things about insurance based on your research that are incorrect. Watch out for the following common “gotchas” when shopping for a policy. Destroyed items will be completely replaced. You might think that if an item you own is totally destroyed, your insurance will pay you to replace it. Isn’t that the entire point of coverage? Unfortunately, most standard policies only pay for the value of the item at the time of the loss. For example, if your four-year-old lawnmower is destroyed by a fire, you will get the value of the used lawn mower, which will most likely not be enough to buy a newer version of the same model.

Four Easy Ways Autumn Decorating Tips For San San Joaqiun

Seasons are always changing, even though it still feels like summer in much of California, and it’s time to change your home’s seasonal décor. Autumn brings up extra emotion; it is a season of change, when the air gets a little crisper, football is on television and we start to think about delicious baked goods and lots of family time. Walk into a Hobby Lobby or a Michaels or any grocery store and you will be visually bombarded with an array of autumn leaves, scarecrows, hay bales, and dinnerware to match. You could fill carts upon carts with trinkets to remind you that it is in fact, autumn, despite the high temperatures. Decorating for the season can be extraordinarily fun and doesn’t have to consume an entire Saturday, or too much of your discretionary spending money. For those who love the season, but don’t have many resources to put toward it here are some simple DYI decorating tips for the fall.