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Yummy Bakeries Around Central Valley

CV Bakeries
Who can resist the baked aroma of buttery pastries, sugary pies and warm bread. This is such a popular scent, you’ll often find a selection of baked good “flavors” in candle stores to light at home to mimic that sweet, cozy scent. Central Valley is home to skillful bakers to consider for a beautifully decorated cake, custom cookies, or for a naughty, mid-afternoon treat just because...

Five Questions to Ask When Buying a New-Build Home

Buying a New-Build Home
The prospect of buying a new construction home comes with both excitement and questions! And since we’re in the business of providing beautiful new-build homes to homebuyers in California’s Central Valley, we’ve heard them all. Here are some of our more popular questions. If you have others, feel free to call our office any time, so we can help get you on the path to a brand-new home!

How to Get Involved at Your Children’s School

School volunteer
The long fun days of summer have come and gone, and it’s back-to-school time for your kiddos. If you have little kids who are just starting their long educational trek, you may be excited to become involved in their school activities, but you don’t know where to start. This can also be true for families new to a school district. We’re here to help you be involved in this important part of your kids’ lives. It’s rewarding and fun!

Six Tips for a Cool Dog

Cool Dog
Doggone it! This summer is still heating up and your favorite four-legged, fur-covered friend is likely feeling the effects of the season. Not only is a cool dog a happy dog – he’s a healthy dog too. Try some of these ways to keep your pup from overheating and feeling uncomfortable in the heat.

Cool Tips for Hot Summer Cooking

Summer cooking
When the temperature outside is rising, it’s not always conducive or comfortable to put together a hot home-cooked meal – especially when the kitchen thermometer reading starts to meet the outside thermometer reading. Here are some tips to beat the heat in the kitchen all while still serving a healthy and delicious meal for your family.

Four Ways to Create a Welcoming Home

Cozy home
Some people’s homes just make you feel warm and fuzzy as soon as you arrive. The décor, the furniture, the colors all feel so welcoming like a sanctuary. You too can have this warmth and cozy feeling in your own home with a few simple design techniques. These tips will help you and your guests feel oh-so-nice as soon as the front door is opened.

How to Pick the Perfect Paint Sheen for Each Room

Paint Sheens
Did you know there are five types of sheens when it comes to paints? And did you also know that paint sheen is not a one-sheen-fits-all type of product. Where a scrubbable high gloss is good for one room it may be too much for another. This helpful breakdown will assist you at the paint counter when you’re selecting the paint for your new home.

Central Valley’s Fourth of July Events

Fourth of July (1)
Arguably one of the most festive weekends of the summer is upon us. The Fourth of July weekend is the time to celebrate with family and friends while enjoying backyard BBQs, parades, festivals and, of course, fireworks! This list of activities throughout the valley has something for everyone and every age group. Happy Independence Day and have a fun and happy Fourth of July!

Four Fun Places to Bring Your Dog in Central Valley

Dog Park
It’s always a good day to treat your favorite fur baby to a day at the park. And thankfully around the San Joaquin Valley, there are many options for a break with like-minded animal lovers. And of course, your pup will love socializing with new friends. So grab your dog and kids, some snacks and water for all of you and head off for a fun adventure for all. Quotes about user experiences come from Yelp reviews.

Five Gifts to Bring a New Homeowner

Homeowner Gifts
Do you have friends or family who have invited you to see their new home? Or maybe you’ve moved into a new community, and you want to show your enthusiasm for your new neighbors with a small housewarming gift. This list of exceptional gifts will certainly be appreciated and used over and over again!

Four Central California Sleepaway Camps for Kids

Summer Camp
Instead of listening to “I’m bored” this summer, why not consider an overnight camp experience for your kids. If they’ve never been away from home before, this is a great approach to getting started where they’ll be kept busy, meet friends, learn new skills and maybe want to go back every year! Some of these sleepaway camps are a bit of a drive, but the extra journey will be worth it as your kids settle into some of the prettiest places in California and potentially have one of the best summers of their lives!

Special Mother’s Day Activities for Everyone

Mother's Day (1)
Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, so you might be starting to plan a unique or special day with this very important person in your life whomever she may be. These gift ideas range from experiences to places to visit. No matter what you choose to do, she’ll for sure love the effort and enjoy spending the time with her loved ones.

Eggcellent Easter Activities around the Central Valley

There are so many spring and Easter festivals in the Central Valley, that your kids will be screaming hip hop hooray! From egg hunts to arts and crafts to good family fun, there are activities for all ages. So, grab your baskets (BYOB!) and plan for an eggcellent spring day! Be sure to visit the websites for each of these events for the most up-to-date information.

Helpful Features for Your Closet

When you open the closet doors in your new home, you’re essentially looking at a space that is screaming for customization. Whether it’s your child’s closet, a linen closet or a walk-in closet, there is a range of helpful tools and solutions to make it just what you want and need. These handy accessories may make a world of difference for you when it comes to being organized and tidy. We’ve checked out the latest in closet customization to provide this list of options for you.