5 Holiday Survival Tips For Owners Of New Homes In Hanford, California

The holiday season is stressful for new home owners. Moving around the holidays is never enjoyable, and the first holiday season in a new home comes with its own set of unexpected pressures. Here are the holiday survival tips you need to survive the holiday season in your new home in Hanford. 

1. Invite Your Family To Your New Home

This might seem counterintuitive. The last thing you want as you struggle to get settled into your new home is a house full of guests. There is the cleaning, the cooking, and the inevitable family feuds that arise around the holidays. There are so many reasons to dread holiday guests, especially with a new house, that we forget that family is what the holidays are all about.  

Your family won’t care if you are still half unpacked from the moving process or are still deciding on an interior decorating scheme. If they do care about these things, let it slide. Don’t let a new home keep your family apart during the holidays. Besides, they want to see your new place as well as you and yours. 

2. Lower Financial Expectations

If you just bought a home, you probably don’t have a lot of spare change lying around for the holidays. Holiday decorations are not as important as year-round decor, and your kids will survive a holiday without the newest toy or gadget, especially since you are still trying to get their rooms put together. 

Lower your financial expectations for the holiday from the outset. Agree as a family to focus on experiences, not material possessions. Make an agreement with your spouse and older children to put a budget limit on gift giving. Give gifts with practical use. Wrap up some of the items your new home needs and gift them to your family. Not only will this save on unnecessary presents, but it also celebrates your new home and a new chapter in your life. 

3. Go Easy On The Decorating

Maybe you moved several boxes full of holiday decorations, or maybe you are looking forward to starting a collection. Either way, if the thought of decorating puts you on edge, relax.

Holiday boxes often end up shoved to the side during the moving process. By the time its ‘Tis the season, the last thing you want to deal with are more boxes. There is nothing wrong with holding back on your first holiday in your new home. 

Most families acquire holiday decorations over time. This can seem overwhelming for first-time homeowners trying to pull it all together in time for the holidays, but there is nothing to worry about. Instead, plan our how you will decorate next year when you have a little more time and less stress, or make your own decorations. 

4. Take A Family Photo

This is your first holiday season in your new home. Make it a lasting memory by snapping a few photos and home videos. You can even turn these photos into a holiday greeting card, email, or social media post to share with family and friends. 

5. Be Safe In Your New Home

Holidays can be a stressful and dangerous time for families. All of those lights and candles, not to mention all the cooking, pose fire risks to you and your brand new home. Be careful not to overload your outlets and check to make sure all of your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers function properly. Check your holiday lights for damaged bulbs and wires. Most importantly, make an emergency plan with your family in the event something happens.  

Don’t Bite Off More Thank You Can Chew

Invite your family over for the holidays, but hold off on hosting elaborate holiday get-togethers, unless you really enjoy playing host. Your first holiday in your new home in Hanford, California is about you and your family. Interested in buying a home in Hanford? Contact us for more information.

Lisa Walker