How To Create A Soft Landing For Your Family In Your New Central Valley Home

Face it, moving is stressful. So everybody in the family will be delighted when you decorate your newly built home with elements that create a soft landing for them.

Here are some tips for decorating with soft elements:


Walls are hard, but you can soften the look by what you choose to hang on them.

Like a soft picture board, also known as a French memo board. You can easily make this yourself with a few inexpensive supplies. Katharine Dally has a great tutorial on eHow – “How to Make a Picture Board with Ribbon” that will help you get started. 


Padded headboards are elegant and provide a comfortable backrest for those reading-in-bed moments.  They are expensive to buy, so you might want to make one yourself, especially since you can use material that matches your bed linens. Try this tutorial from Thrifty Décor Chick for a fun project.


Nothing beats flopping down in a soft chair to rest your tired feet. Bean bag chairs come to mind, but there are a lot more options these days. The Milano lounger chair from Target, for example, is soft, but offers a bit more formality than a bean bag. 

Poufs, like this Storm Pouf from Target, are a great way to provide comfy seating without breaking the bank. They are also versatile—move them from room to room, or prop a tray on one for extra serving space.


Treat your family’s feet to some love with a plush rug. The Safaveih Shag area rug (in soft silver) from Wayfair is the perfect example of one way to make a hard floor foot-friendly. 

Another option is a footstool, like this Threshold poof footstool from Target. Money-saving tip: buy the outdoor version—it’s durable and can be easily cleaned. 


You know how when you tour through an empty house, there’s an echo? That’s because there is nothing to absorb the sound. By cushioning your home with rugs, chairs, wall hangings, etc. you soften the sounds and keep things from clanging around.

You can also add soft sound in your home through the use of a fountain, like the Homedics Silver Springs fountain (available at Walmart). It will send notes of trickling water through the room—very soothing! 


You’ve created a soft landing by touch, sight and sound, but don’t forget your nose!

A soft scent wafting through the rooms will help make your new home the sanctuary you crave for your family. Try a WoodWick Lavender Spa candle (available from Bed Bath & Beyond). It uses relaxing lavender and refreshing eucalyptus essential oils to create a soothing scent.

Or if you’re not fond of having a candle burning with kids and pets around, try a scented potpourri, like this one from Yankee Candle . The “Clean Cotton” scent is reminiscent of sun-dried cotton linens, with a touch of lemon. You can display the potpourri in a beautiful bowl or basket. 

By using soft elements in your décor, and by appealing to all the senses, your family will settle easily and comfortably into your new home.

Oh—one more soft touch: a welcome mat to cushion the feet of all who enter your home. Customize a mat by following this suggestion from

Welcome home and happy (soft) landing!

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Lisa Walker