Pet-Friendly Tips For Moving Into Your New Home In Tulare

Moving into a new home is exciting. With new construction, your family gets to make the first memories inside your home’s walls. This includes your furry family members too. New homes are great for pet owners. No previous owners mean there are no hidden toxins like rat poison or pesticides waiting for your pets to ingest. Best of all, your new home is clean, without old pet stains or smells. There are still a few things to keep in mind.

As you settle into your new home in Tulare, keep your pet happy and safe by following these pet-friendly new home guidelines.

1. Keep Pets Away From Packing Materials

The moving process creates temporary chaos. Boxes, packing peanuts, and packing paper pile up quickly as your family’s possessions find their new locations. This mess poses dangers to pets. 

Dogs and cats, especially stressed out dogs and cats, often mistake packing materials for toys. Light and airy packing peanuts skitter across the floor, tempting dogs and cats to chase and eat them. These styrofoam peanuts cause intestinal blockages and choking hazards, costing you hundreds of dollars in emergency vet fees.

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of cats and dogs playing in boxes. If you want your pet to have some boxy fun, save a box or two for when the unpacking process is complete. Supervised play not only provides entertainment for you, it also prevents accidents. 

2. Give Pets A Room Of Their Own

The best way to protect your pet from ingesting packing materials and getting into trouble is keeping them out of harms way. Dedicate a room in the house for your pets and keep them there until the unpacking process is complete. Put up doggy gates for your pups and consider enclosing cats in a bathroom until the coast is clear. Always make sure your pets have access to fresh water at all times.

It is easy to lose track of pets in the hustle and bustle of settling in. An open door or a box of dangerous chemicals poses dangerous temptations to your four-legged friends. Plus, having an anxious pet directly underfoot is sure to heighten your stress levels as well as theirs.

Far from isolating your pet, giving them a space of their own reassures them that not everything has changed. Bring their toys and a blanket from your old house and put it in their room or crates. Make sure to spend some quality time with them in the room so that they associate the new house with your presence. This is also a good opportunity for you to take a break from unpacking.

3. Make Moving Fun

The moving process is stressful for humans and pets alike. Emotions run high and the unpacking process feels overwhelming. Once you finish unpacking, there are neighbors to meet and new towns to explore, all of which is both exciting and intimidating.

Pet owners actually have an advantage over families without pets. Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to explore your new neighborhood. Dogs make excellent ice breakers with neighbors, and walking your dog calms both of you down during this stressful time.

Explore local pet stores in Tulare and bring home some new toys for your pets. Tasty treats and appropriate toys take your pets’ minds off of the transition and help give them positive associations with your new home. 

Let your dog explore your new yard under supervision. Make sure you go over the ground first in case the crew missed any construction materials during the cleanup. If outside conditions are not favorable, make sure your pet knows where you want he or she to go to the bathroom. The last thing you want in your brand new home is an accident.

Let your pets remind you of the fun times ahead. Whether this is your first new home or your fourth, contact us to find out why moving into new construction is the best choice for both you and your family – pets included.

Lisa Walker