For Valentine's Day, Find Romance In Your San Joaquin Valley Home

We all know the drill for Valentine’s Day. You both get dressed up, make reservations at a fancy restaurant, have a nice dinner, and go see a movie or take a walk at the park. It’s date night, only more expensive and with bigger crowds. And unless you book far enough in advance, you won’t be able to get into your favorite restaurant. 

Why not do something different this year by spending Valentine’s Day in your San Joaquin Valley home? You won’t find a more intimate venue. And your encounter becomes all the more memorable because of its originality. Here are a few suggestions, some of which can be combined. 

Send the kids and pets away.

One of the reasons we typically spend Valentine’s Day away from home is to get away from the kids and pets. Send them to grandma’s or a friend for the day. An empty house will bring back memories of when it was just the two of you. Your home will seem more romantic when there’s nobody else around.  

Recreate the first visit.

Remember the first time you and your love entered each other’s home? Maybe he or she came to your apartment for dinner, or you went over to his or her dorm to study for a college class. Presumably either of you had a smaller place back then, so you could recreate it in a room at your current home. It would be great if you can get any of the original furniture or decor for the setup. You can look at old pictures for inspiration. Then try and relive what you did that first time. 

Bring the restaurant home.

Even if you cook, you can have a fancy dinner at home without lifting a finger. Just hire a personal chef who can come to your kitchen and prep something special for the two of you using your kitchen.  

Pamper yourselves.

Many spa treatments can be done at home, if you just had the knowledge. Look up facialsmanicurespedicures, and massages at WikiHow or watch YouTube videos about them. You can then spend the evening pampering each other. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. This is about spending time together and doing something for each other. And yes, giving and receiving these treatments are just as much fun for a man as they are for a woman. 

Spending Valentine’s Day inside creates a special memory for the two of you in your new home. If you would like more information about our developments or want to tour a model, please contact us.

Lisa Walker