Lessons From San Joaquin Valley Homes: How To Sell Your Old House

House cutout with FOR SALE sign in front

Our San Joaquin Valley homes offer the space, floor plans and amenities that you want in your next property, so you’re excited to buy one as soon as you can. That’s something we’re eager to help you with. Unfortunately, you also have your current home to sell before you can make a purchase, which is not something we’re directly involved with. However, our professional real estate experience can offer you the following tips on selling your home as quickly — and for the highest price – as possible.

Get a pro to help with the sale.

Unless you have many years experience in the real estate market, you need to get a professional agent to help you out. Sure, you’ll save money by doing it yourself. But you’ll have to handle advertising, open houses, showing the property, dealing with visits, and negotiating the deal. And you won’t know enough to figure out if the offer you received is worth considering. Then there’s the paperwork. As professionals ourselves, we know how complex processing the sale can be. If you miss dotting an “i” or crossing a “t,” you could easily mess up the sale and be financially liable for something you knew nothing about.

Price it right.

One of the reasons you want to buy our homes is that they’re priced correctly for their target market. Follow that strategy when you’re selling your property. Sorry, the amount of work you put into that bar or the cost of that fire pit you installed doesn’t factor into the price. Instead, you have to compare your property to those around you that have sold to determine the correct price. If your house costs more than that, it won’t sell. The right price is something that a professional agent can help you determine.

Don’t hang around.

When you come to visit any of our model homes, you won’t see us hanging out with you inside, unless you want us to. We want to give you the space to look around on your own and to talk frankly about our properties with whoever you brought with you. When you have an open house with your property, the only person who should be there is your agent. You and your family need to go someplace else until the event is over. Otherwise, if you hang out, you’ll annoy your agent, intimidate the buyers, and make them less candid about your abode. Your agent needs that candor to develop more effective sales strategies for your home.


You may have found out about our offerings from media ads or from signs on the road. Advertising is what brings buyers to us and to you, too. Beyond newspaper ads and a sign on your front lawn, the main source of publicity for your home will be the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is a directory that agents consult to determine potential properties for their clients. Many real-estate websites also put the contents of the MLS online so buyers can search for them. The only way your home gets on the MLS is through a professional real estate agent.

Offer incentives.

If your home isn’t moving as quickly as you’d like, consider offering enticements. They may be as inexpensive as a home warranty or throwing in the children’s play set in your backyard that buyers love. Or they may be more expensive, such as your covering closing costs or promising to put in a new roof.

If you want to know more about buying and selling real estate, particularly our homes, or want to tour our models, please contact us.

Lisa Walker