Organizing Your Closets In Corcoran, California

Organized closet with cloths and drawers

The closet is often a place for cramming, shoving, and tossing everything as fast as you can. But a closet has so much potential for so much storage. How can you take your new closet in Corcoran and change it into an organized place? How can you ensure that your closet works for you, making it easy to find what you’re looking for?

Shelving, hanging rods, and boxes can all make your closet work better, but you need some careful planning strategies, too. Read on for more about the two most common types of closets, and how you should think about their storage capabilities.

Bedroom Closets
Bedroom closets usually house clothing, shoes, and sometimes purses, ties, shoes, and jewelry. If your closet is small (i.e.; not a walk-in closet), you may need to focus only on clothing. But we’re going to start with clothing anyway because every bedroom closet has clothes in it.
Hang shirts on two rods, vertically, as shown in this photo from My Home Ideas. Dresses and pants can be hung in their own area because they will probably reach all the way to the floor. There might be space for shoes under these hanging items, but if there’s not, don’t fret. We’ll talk more about shoes in a minute. Purchase thin hangers to make the most of your hanging space. Use chain link hangers to really make the most of your space!

Shoes can go between shelves, or you can set up a shoe rack, stacking shoe boxes, an over-the-door shoe rack, or a shoe cubby, depending on your space.

You can purchase supplies at a home improvement store, scour thrift and salvage stores, or you could DIY your entire closet. You can use stacked wooden crates for shoe storage.

Hall/Foyer Closet
Since the hall and the foyer closet are similar in design and use, we’ll talk about them in the same category.
These closets are often used to store games, vacuums, ironing boards, sheets and towels, sometimes coats or a pair of shoes for throwing on if you have to run outside quickly or maybe some really dirty boots that you use for gardening.
In this type of closet, shelves are very important. If you need to put your vacuum or any other tall household item in your hall closet, put the first shelf right above it. Twelve-inch shelves are generally very useful, but feel free to add a few inches depending on what kind of boxes you have. You don’t want to stack the boxes because that will just make it harder to get into them. Use the boxes to divide your things into categories like games, craft supplies, frequently used tools like hammers and screwdrivers. Use an over-the-door pantry organizer for small items that may be in your hall closet.

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Lisa Walker