Four Reasons Why A New Pine River Estates Home Is A Better Value Than That Older House You Want To Buy

Exterior Rendering of the Lantana Plan

If you’re just looking at the sales price, buying an older home could seem to get you more for your money than new construction, except you’re going to be living with your purchase for as many as 30 years. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to use a one-time number as the basis for comparison.
Instead, you should consider the long-term value of what you’re buying. You may discover that new properties like those at Pine River Estates turn out to be a better buy. And here are the reasons why.

1. Better Selection
You typically only have one choice of an older home in a specific location. It may not have all the bedrooms you need or be smaller than you want but if it contains most of your must-haves in the location you want, it can be tempting.

At our development, you can choose from five floor plans ranging from the 1,443-square-foot three-bedroom Bonita that’s suitable as a starter home or an empty-nester move to the 2,100-square-foot four-bedroom Coronado for those moving up to bigger and better things. Each option also affords three different exteriors, so you’re actually picking from 15 choices. Finally, you can pick where in the development you want your purchase to be built.

2. No Repair Costs
One of the reasons an older home may seem cheaper is that the current owner may have neglected necessary maintenance out of ignorance or just lack of funds. You then discover during the first rain that the roof leaks or that your bedroom turns into an oven in the summer. Or maybe the stove suddenly gives out right before Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll need to put some percentage of your purchase price into reserve just to take care of such unexpected fixes.

In contrast, your Pine River Estates home will have no such repair costs. Because everything is new, there’s less chance of anything breaking down. If an appliance or device stops working, a warranty will repair or replace it. And on the off-chance you uncover a problem with the structure down the line, we’ll fix it just because we stand behind our offerings at San Joaquin Valley Homes.

3. Customized to You
The old house on your list is almost perfect except you wanted wooden floors instead of carpet, beige paint on the bedroom walls instead of red and granite countertops in the kitchen instead of tile. You can take care of these changes over time as you have the extra money and don’t mind living with the hassle of a renovation that may last weeks.

One of the most enjoyable parts of buying a new home is you get to decide exactly what you want for the interior. A trip to the Design Center is a required ritual to choose among an array of wall colors, window coverings, countertop surfaces and flooring, among others. Your selections will be included in the price and installed as your house is being built, so you’ll be moving into your perfect home from the get-go.

4. Modern Living
The older a home, the more likely it’ll lack conveniences that even modern apartments already have. You may have to tolerate a floor plan chopped up into tiny rooms, a bathroom down the hall instead of in the master suite and sky-high utility bills from uninsulated walls and outdated appliances.
Our new homes feature the latest in modern housing architecture and technology. The open floor plan of Lucia, the expansive owner’s suite of Mariposa and the latest energy-saving appliances in Lantana improve everyday living while saving you money.

Why don’t you check out all these advantages in person by coming down to Pine River Estates? Contact us today for an appointment.

Lisa Walker