Your Child's New Bedroom: Creating Your Child's Safe Place

Little girl reading while sitting on her bed with stuffed animals

Do you remember when decorating a child’s room included buying blue paint or pink paint? Mom or dad would paint the room and cover the bed with Barbie bedding or Spider Man bedding. Decorating a child’s room is a little different now.

Neutral Colors

Decorating a child’s room will require you to carefully think about the decisions you are about to make just as you will do when you are going to decorate the other areas of your home. When thinking about decorating your child’s room, you do not always have to turn to the colorful walls first. We think if you actually make the decision to keep the walls a neutral color, such as gray, you will be able to add splashes of color.

When you use a neutral color and add small portions of color, you will have a better chance at creating a room not only creative but playful as well. You may want to avoid painting your child’s room bright green or bright pink because, in a few years, he or she may feel he or she is “too old” for those colors.

Your Child’s Interests

When the time comes for you to find accents, you should consider the things your child has. If your child loves to read and loves snuggling with a teddy bear or other stuffed animals, you can use these items as decor. You can also find affordable bedding, stickers, decals, etc. that are age appropriate for your child.

Making the Transition Easier

A great thing about bedding and decals is you can change them with ease as your child gets older. Your child may want to have cartoon-themed bedding now, but in a few years, he or she may want to get rid of it. If you do not plan to completely redecorate your child’s room every couple of years, we suggest you consider using decor, accessories and furniture that can easily be transitioned as he or she gets older.

Playful and Adventurous

If you are decorating a room for a younger child, you will want her room to be playful and adventurous. If you are a fan of bunk beds, you can purchase an affordable one. A bunk bed will allow your child to take advantage of the extra use of space. You can also use the storage elements of bunk beds to keep the room organized. If your child has plenty of books, toys, stuffed animals and other collectibles, he will certainly need the storage space.

Reading Is Fun: Bring in The Books

If you want to bring your child’s room to life, we suggest you bring in bookshelves. Your child’s room will immediately come to life when you add books to the shelf, especially colorful books. If your child loves to read, he or she will absolutely love a bookshelf. The bookshelf will give him the opportunity to easily access his books. A bookshelf will also encourage him to keep his books organized. As your child ages and outgrows the books, you can easily replace them with new age appropriate books.

Your Child’s Safe Place

Your child’s bedroom should be a place he or she will absolutely love. You want your child’s bedroom to showcase her interests and personality. Do you have an area in your home you want to become your safe haven? Your child’s bedroom is going to become his or her safe haven.

We know you have plenty to think about when you move into your new home, but do not forget about your children. Help them create a room they will love, and maybe they will actually do a good job of keeping it neat, tidy, and organized.

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Lisa Walker