13 Spooky DIY Projects For Your Best Halloween Yet

Happy Halloween Balloon

Halloween is a great time of year to explore your creative side and have fun. Whether you are crafting for your home, a party or involving the family in creative projects, there are so many options and opportunities. Halloween crafts are great for beginners, and when you DIY, you can have a great Halloween at a fraction of the price.

These Halloween crafts are easy and inexpensive to make, but the results look dramatic:

For your home:

• Make a ghostly wreath. This wreath uses materials easily picked up at a craft store and many materials you probably already have at home. Make a wreath that will add flair to your front door and get guests and trick-or-treaters into the Halloween spirit, literally.
• Make upcycled Halloween ornaments. This craft uses old Christmas ornaments that you probably have in the attic and transforms them into charming Halloween ornaments. Hung from a mantle, chandelier or tree outside, they add style and fun to your Halloween decor.
• Gather a flock of bats. Bats are extremely appropriate to the season, and this clever project converts autumn leaves into cute and spooky Halloween bats. A flock of them can cluster in a corner or greet guests on the porch.
• Invite some ghosts. No Halloween is complete without some otherworldly companions, and these cheesecloth ghosts are easy to make while looking very spooky indeed. They can be hung in a window or grouped for a centerpiece and add an ethereal quality to the ambience.

For your yard:

• Paint some silhouette pumpkins. Pumpkins are a must at Halloween, but you can skip the messy carving and paint spooky silhouettes instead. These painted pumpkins use readily available materials and look fantastic grouped on a porch.
• Turn your lawn into a graveyard. These lightweight tombstones are simple to make and transform your lawn into an old graveyard. Your small cemetery will delight trick-or-treaters in no time at all.
• Add lawn ghosts. These ghosts are fast to create and will stand up to rainy autumn weather, completing your cemetery with fitting inhabitants. Spooky lighting will add a dramatic, atmospheric effect.
• Make a spider nest. No Halloween is complete without creepy-crawlies, and this spider nest can be made as large as you like, for a truly skin-crawling effect. This simple project livens up your Halloween decor and will make trick-or-treaters shiver.

For a party:

• Make spider ice cubes. These creepy ice cubes are the finishing touch to any Halloween cocktail and couldn’t be simpler to create. Add them to a punchbowl for an even better effect, and delight your guests.
• Have mummy candy cups. Halloween parties are always full of candy and party favors so have plenty of these cute candy cups available. They will delight kids and adults alike, and the materials are inexpensive and easy to find.
• Make monstrous treats. These cute and simple Halloween treats are a great choice for entertaining. They are easy and inexpensive to make, look adorable, and can be made ahead of time and set out for a long time, keeping you out of the kitchen.
• Serve pumpkin spice punch. This punch is delicious and so fun for the season, and can be made without alcohol for younger partygoers. Served in a pumpkin, it is both a beverage and a centerpiece, and your guests will love it.

Our 13th project is the most important of all! Halloween lighting transforms a space and has incredible impact on your decor, inside and out. These lanterns are a fantastic choice for lighting a path, windowsill, table setting, mantle, stairway… anywhere you want to add a spooky glow. They use materials you probably already have and are simple for anyone to make.

These are only a few of the many projects for celebrating a happy Halloween in your new home. These projects will help you, your family, and your guests have a Halloween that looks like a million bucks, but only cost pennies.

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Lisa Walker