Creating a Productive Home Office Space

A woman working at a desk in her home office

Many people today are working from home whether they are employees, virtual call center agents or freelancers. And since every day for these people can’t be a ‘work from Starbucks’ kind of day, they need a home set-up that’s comfortable, convenient and productive.

If you’re embarking on a transition to home office from corporate, or you simply want to make the one you have better, here are five ways to get the most out of your house-based workspace: 

  1. Set up a dedicated space. This seems obvious, but you can be creative. If you don’t have a room you can turn into an office, perhaps you can carve out a space in a non-traditional spot like a large landing, hall or loft.
  2. Invest in technology. Being at home means you may not have quick, or any, access to an IT department if things start to go south with your devices. Having new items with call support can help save the day and keep you from downtime.
  3. Find ways to keep in touch with real people. Whether it’s a quick drive out for lunch with friends or a walk around the neighborhood, not only will it give you a change of scenery, but also help you socialize during the day.
  4. Invest in good lighting. Look around your space to determine where the best light comes from. If you have big, airy windows, arrange your furniture accordingly. If you’re in a darker area, you may need to have well-placed floor and desk lamps or have lights installed professionally.
  5. Keep your space professional. Although it’s tempting to mix your personal life with your professional life – after all, you are at home! – try to keep the two separated as much as you can. You want your desk and work area to be free of home-related distractions like magazines, kids’ homework and personal paperwork. 

San Joaquin Valley Homes’ houses often have enough rooms where you can commit at least one room to private sanctuary intended only for your working area. Although working from home isn’t for everyone, it can be a wonderful way to enjoy being in a familiar space while furthering your career and earning an income. You can tour our models in the Central Valley to see which room could be your perfect home office!