Thinking Globally But Acting Locally When Buying a New Home

a Go local flag pinned on a map

Being in the market for a new home can be a very exciting time, but it comes with a lot of decisions too. From where to live to how big a home to new or resale. If you choose to purchase a new home another wave of questions appears such as who to purchase it from. Sometimes the choice comes down to a national builder versus a local builder. While a national builder has, perhaps, more recognition, there are some very good reasons to selecting a company that is a little closer to home. 

Buy Locally. When we’re in the market for fresh produce, baked goods, specific services and other consumer goods, it always pays to shop in our own neighborhoods. Local vendors and companies tend to hire, invest and spend locally giving your community an economic boost. Their money stays in the community you’re living in. 

Customer Service. With large conglomerates, let’s face it….customer service can be a nightmare. Since CSRs are often off site, it’s all business all the time, and the person assigned to your case may find it difficult to really understand your issue or give you speedy service. If your builder is local, sometimes a phone call (within your own area code!) or a trip down the road is all you need to get help. And it’s done with a much more personal touch. 

They’re Your Neighbors. As we mentioned above, local homebuilders will likely hire people who live in the general vicinity. This means, the people selling and building your home truly understand your localized needs because they live there too! If you have specific questions about schools, shopping or employment, these are the people to ask because they actually know the answers from personal experience. 

Of course, we’re a little biased. After all San Joaquin Valley Homes’ founders have been building in California’s Central Valley for decades. And they live in the Valley too as do all the people who work there. You can read the story of SJV Homes’ history and how everyone you meet at SJV Homes wants your home buying experience to be a personal and neighborly one every step of the way.