Preparing Your Home For Back to School

A chalkboard with Back to school and a school bus on it

Sadly (happily?) summertime – AKA summer break – is coming to end for families everywhere. So long late nights and lax schedules. To prepare your kids (and you!) for this life altering state, there are a few things you can do around your home to make the transition easier and to help prep your kids for the inevitable. Create a homework station:

This can be anywhere in your home from a spare room to a quiet corner to the dining room table to the kitchen island. The key is to have that area prepped with everything your studious student needs to get the job done…good lighting, pens, paper, crayons, etc. If you can’t keep supplies in the area permanently, put them in a basket or tote that you can transport and then store. 

Prepare your entry and exit strategy: Luckily, we don’t live in a climate where heavy coats and winter boots are de rigueur to leaving the house. Even so, kids need a place to easily access their shoes, jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes on the way in and out of the house. A simple way to accommodate this is to have a dedicated place at the front or back door so each kid can grab and go and be confident he/she isn’t forgetting anything. 

Family scheduling logistics: Quite honestly, remembering everyone’s school, work, sports, music, arts, etc., schedules can be a daunting task. Create a central location in your home where everyone can see where each family member is at any time at a glance. A suggestion is a large calendar with ample space to write or, if you want to have fun with it, a chalkboard painted on the wall or door. You can add shopping lists and to-do items as well so the entire family is on the same page. 

Eliminate early morning chaos: Every second saved scrambling before school is a second earned feeling more confident and ready for the day. Take a look at your child’s closet, room and bathroom to see how you can change things around to ensure an easy and mindful start to the morning. Organize shoes, socks, clothes, toiletries, etc. in ways your child can easily find and use them. 

Incorporating these tips into your home and day-to-day life will hopefully ease your kids’ school days a little as well as yours. Check out some of San Joaquin Valley Homes many creative floor plans to imagine how you could utilize the spaces and rooms available to best suit the busy needs of your family!