Six Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly

a for sale in front of a two story home

To move into a new home often means selling the home you’re in. And when that beautiful new house is within your grasp, your patience may wear thin as you wait for someone to snap up your existing house. We’ve compiled a few tips to help put your house above the rest and to ideally speed up the process:

  1. Be prepared for the home inspection. Make sure all the items an inspector will be checking for are in good working order and up to the appropriate codes.
  2. Clean, clean clean. And when you’re done, clean some more. You want people to see that your home has been taken care of and that, upon moving in, there won’t be a massive amount of housekeeping to take care of.
  3. Brighten up you curb appeal. Since the front door and foyer are the first impressions prospective home buyers will see, make sure the areas are kept clean and uncluttered. You can decorate the area with fresh and potted flowers for a welcoming entrance.
  4. Make little fixes. Touch up cracks in walls, broken screens and replace chipped tiles. Again, you want everyone who sees your house to think it’s move-in ready and that it doesn’t come with its own to-do list.
  5. Paint rooms in need of a refresh. Over time, paint colors will fade and walls become scratched and gray looking. A fresh coat of paint will brighten the room to a nearly new status.
  6. Clean the windows. Sparkly windows can make any room look good. Dirty, smudged glass dulls a room and hinders the view. 

Many of these little touch ups can be done by yourself or inexpensively. While there are multiple factors to consider when selling your home, give it a fighting chance by presenting in the best way you can. 

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