Sharing Means Caring – Especially When it Comes to Bedrooms

a bright children's room with bunk beds

Sometimes, no matter how many bedrooms your house has, it’s necessary for someone to have to share a room. Some parents love the idea of their kids being all snuggled up in the same space and opt for this type of arrangement, even though there are plenty of bedrooms to go around. While sharing can be fun, it can sometimes be a little tight, so here are some hacks to help you get the most bang from this common area: 

Have Lots of Storage. Is there such a thing as too much storage? Not when there are two little people in the same place. Shelves, cubbies, bureaus and trunks become everyone’s best friend when it comes to keeping things tidy. The fewer things on the floor the better. 

Blue for You and Yellow for Me. Color code as many things as you can – not only for form, but also for function. Having an assigned color for items like pillows and laundry baskets and blankets will really help at clean up time when everything is everywhere. This also gives your kids a sense of ownership as well when they know what is theirs. 

Define Spaces With Friendly Barriers. A barrier can be anything from a bookshelf to a desk to a beanbag. You basically want to be able to have areas cordoned off for each child to call his or her own. When it comes to kids sharing a room, there can very much be a “right side and wrong side” of the room! 

Go Up! To save precious floor space real estate, consider bunkbeds – either stand alone or even built right in. Make each one uniform so one isn’t “better than the other.” 

At the end of the day (literally!) your kids bedroom needs to be their own little sanctuary. And even if they’re sharing, they can carve out little sections they can be excited to hunker down into. Let them create their own spaces how they want to so they can feel individual, but also feel comfortable with the person they’re sharing with. 

Come visit our models in the San Joaquin Valley and let your kids decide which rooms they want! You may be surprised when they might want to bunk together!