Decking the Halls of Your Central Valley Home This Holiday Season

A dining light fixture decorated with holly berries and holiday greenery

In a blink, it’s the holiday season! And whether you’re celebrating in a new house or holding on to traditions in the same home as last year, there’s no doubt…it’s always fun to decorate. We’re here to help you get started with some fun, easy and quick ways to showcase joy throughout your house. 

Update the Candles. If you normally have white pillar and taper candles throughout your rooms, you can change the colors for a festive glow. Try a bright red, dark green or blue to add little pops of holiday color around your home. 

Don’t Put all the Ornaments on the Tree. Beautiful globe ornaments, small and large, will look elegant in glass vessels like oversized vases, champagne flutes or hurricane lamps. Use them as a table centerpiece or at the edge, on shelves or the fireplace hearth. 

Forgo the Fire. If you can commit to not using the fireplace for a month or so, a fun way to utilize it is to fill it full of loads of beautiful fresh poinsettias. It will surely be a feature in your room that everyone will love to look at.

Plug-in Scents. You may love the smell of scented candles around the house, but may be hesitant to light them during the holidays for safety reasons. A good workaround is plug-in room scents that have flavors like cinnamon, baked cookies and mulled cider. Change them out every couple of weeks so the scents remain robust. 

Look up. Dress up lighting fixtures like hanging pendants and chandeliers by draping garlands or hanging sprigs of mistletoe or evergreen and holly from them. 

If moving to a larger or smaller home is in your plans for 2020, visit our beautifully decorated San Joaquin Valley Homes models located throughout the Central Valley. While you’re there, you’ll be able to envision entertaining your family and friends and dining at the table for a future holiday feast.