Six Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

Neighbors and their dogs socializing at a block party

Settling into a brand new neighborhood is the next logical step after moving in. In fact, meeting new friends in a master-planned community can even happen in the sales office before you’ve signed on the dotted line. These tips will have you mingling and mixing with your newest friends in no time. 

  1. Explore and Walk – In the evenings, after work or on the weekends, put on your walking shoes and start exploring all the streets and walking paths in and around your home. Here you’ll figure out the lay of the land and get to see the subtle nuances of your community. Meeting people along the way may spur conversations as well. 
  1. Smile at Everyone – People tend to gravitate toward friendliness, so say hi and smile warmly when you meet people. Wave to your new neighbor across the street, and when the time is right, walk over and say hi. 
  1. Join Local Groups – People who have similar tastes and hobbies will naturally gravitate to each other. Is there a boot camp at your local park or a French class at the community center? These groups can be a quick route to an introduction with someone who shares your interests. 
  1. Knock on Doors – If one of your neighbors moved in a couple of days after you, walk on over and knock on their door to say hi. Let them know you’re new too. You could even visit bearing gifts like a basket of muffins. 
  1. Introduce Your Kids – If you have children, be sure to include them in the introductions. In fact, if your children are outside playing on their own, chances are they’ve already met the other kids in the neighborhood. Eventually you can determine where they all live and introduce yourself to their parents. 
  1. Get Involved – Perhaps your community has a HOA or Neighborhood Watch committee. Joining, or starting, these groups is a surefire way to meet other people in your community who share your same standards and interests. 

The vibe of your neighborhood will help dictate your priority of how you meet people. If it’s a family friendly community with lots of children, simply hanging out with them in the evenings watching them play may be enough to meet lots of other parents on the street. Regardless of where you choose to live, San Joaquin Valley Homes’ communities will welcome you. Visit our website to see which city and neighborhood you’d like to live in.