Planning the Best Backyard on the Block!

A backyard patio with paving stones, a gazebo and firepit

Outdoor living is one of the many reasons people love to live in California. Even if the daytime is hot, the evening’s cooler air welcomes everyone outside. Planning this space can be fun too. From dining to sports to hobbies to just plain relaxing, your backyard can provide you with additional living space. With these tips and strategies, you’ll be enjoying the outside as much as the inside in no time! 

  1. Determine How Much Space You Have. When you look around the garden to see your usable space, don’t forget to peek into the side yard or a courtyard. These can all be used as dining areas, relaxing zones and even a secret garden.
  2. Prioritize your Needs. Do you love to eat al fresco? Or are you a lounging-by-the-pool or hammock kind of family. Maybe you need putting practice or love the idea of giant vegetable garden. Whatever your favorite thing to do is make that your number one goal when planning your design. If you have the room, you can incorporate other designs and activity centers.
  3. Get the Right Approvals. If your community has a homeowner’s association, be sure to get the necessary sign offs from your neighbors. They’ll be excited to see it when you’re done!
  4. Write it Down. Or if you’ve got the skills, plan it out electronically. Measure your area well and plan accordingly. For example, if you’re putting in a seating area, determine exactly how much room you need to not just place your furniture, but walk around as well.
  5. Make a Budget. Unless your project is a true DIY, consider getting a few quotes from professionals to see if your budget is realistic. If it is, then get at least three quotes. If you know anyone who has created a similar space, try to get a referral.
  6. Look from the Inside. You’ve probably stood in your yard and envisioned your outdoor dream many times, but now look at it differently. Go inside and look out the windows. Will your design be pleasing from there too? For example, are you constructing any walls or barriers that may obstruct your view? If so, you may want to rethink the placement of items.
  7. Call in the Experts. Your plan may include extra electrical, gas lines, cement work, etc. Unless you are professional in the field, we highly suggest calling in professionals for the detailed and skilled jobs. 

Many of the lots at San Joaquin Valley Homes are oversized and large enough to plan many outdoor zones. Use your imagination, talk to your family and plan the most amazing back yard for everyone to enjoy. You may have to put out an open/close sign too because all your friends and family will want to be there with you – and never leave!