Five Ways to Decorate for Autumn

An Autumn basket of pumpkins, gourdes and fall leaves

Summer has shifted into fall, and with this seasonal change comes cooler evenings, earlier sunsets and, fun new decorating opportunities! Pumpkins and scarecrows beware….we’re coming for you! Check out our list of fun and easy ways to make your home autumn friendly. 

Gorge on Gourds – A bag of these teeny tiny like pumpkins can spice up any room in the house. Display them in a pretty bowl or baskets throughout your home. You can even strategically place one or two in standalone locations like end tables, bookshelves or on the fireplace mantle. 

Fall Is in The Air – You can literally have autumn aromas wafting in the air around you all season long by using infusers, plug-in air fresheners, soaps and candles. Select flavors like spiced pumpkin, baked apples and cinnamon for a festive scented atmosphere. 

Decorate with Plaid – Change out your sofa pillows and blankets with ones with tartan and plaid patterns and accents. These easy switches will add a soft layered cozy look to your living areas while also being practical. 

Rugs and Runners – Along with your blankets and pillows you can easily swap out small bathroom and kitchen mats, rugs and table linens with those that have more autumn like designs or colors. At the end of the season, simply wash them and store them for next year. 

Celebrate the Great Pumpkin – Visit your local supermarket, or even more fun, a local patch. Pick out a few perfectly plump pumpkins and display them throughout your home. Of course, place a few outside your house on the front porch to welcome your visitors. 

Seasonal decorating is a really easy and fun method of adding a little whimsy to your new home throughout the year. You can either purchase luxurious ornaments and decorations or you can make a few little crafts that express your tastes. Either way, your house will be just a little cozier during this cooler time of the year. Visit San Joaquin Valley Homes’ website to see which featured houses you’d like to visit this October.