What is Your Design Style?

Design style

When it comes to decorating your new home, you many know exactly how you want your rooms to look, but do you know what style you lean toward? Here is a list of some of the most popular themes and a description of each. Being able to put a name to what you like may make it easier to shop and plan around a particular interior design style. 

Industrial – Inspired by warehouses and urban lofts, this style encourages exposed materials like painted or stained concrete floors. Design choices lean towards metals, woods and primary materials. 

Minimalist – This style is basically exactly what it’s named. Design is simple, streamlined with little to no accessories. Colors choices are neutral tones. 

Traditional – If you love ornate details, , silks and heavy brocades, your design preference is considered traditional. Finish up this luxurious feel with rich colors and lots of textures.

French Country – Just like the countryside in a small French village, decorate your home in earthy, worn, farmhouse inspired décor. Colors include golds and reds. Incorporate raw materials such as natural stone and bricks where you can. 

Shabby Chic – This style is perfect for someone who adores vintage, distressed and cream to white color palettes. Natural touches like wood look great here as do ornate items like antique chandeliers and painted bricks. 

Beachy – Common design elements for a coastal vibe include neutral colors paired with greens, blues, whites and beiges. Striped accessories atop plush light colored sofas accentuate that outside, ocean-inspired feel. 

If you are searching for a new home to decorate, please know San Joaquin Valley Homes is still busy building homes throughout the Central Valley. Our model homes are open daily, we offer private in-person appointments and our virtual tours are available on our website.