Easy Ways to Stage Your Home Without a Professional

staging home

If you’re moving from one home to another, ideally into a new San Joaquin Valley Homes community! – you may have to sell your current home. To do so quickly and to receive a great offer, staging may be key. Your realtor will most likely have a stager he/she works with, but you can also try it on your own – especially if there is a fee involved. Here are some areas of your home to pay close attention to. 

Start with the first impression. Pleasant curb appeal is not only welcoming, but also gives a peek into what a home buyer can expect inside. If your yard is unkempt and messy, the buyer may assume the inside is not well taken care of as well. Ensure your home looks neat and tidy from the curb to the door. 

Look down. Make sure your floors are in good order. If you have carpet stains or worn areas, consider new carpet for that section. If wood floors are scratched, have them repaired. If grout lines are dirty, have them cleaned.

Clean deeply. Give your home the best cleaning it’s seen in a long time. Get in the corners, in the blinds, near the ceilings for pesky cobwebs, the tops of fans, furniture and appliances and even inside closets and cabinets. Make your home look like it’s ready to move into immediately with little to no work.

Clear the clutter. Even if you must put most of your personal items into storage, it’s better to have sparsely decorated rooms, shelves and bookcases than ones with little to no room. Clean out closets and kitchen and bathroom drawers as well and be as organized as possible in case homebuyers look in to see how big and spacious they are. 

Regroup your furniture. Although it may be convenient to have all the seating in the lounge pointing toward the TV, for staging purposes, consider rearranging your furniture into cozy conversational set ups. 

Manage traffic flow. Evaluate the flow of your rooms and spaces to accommodate for people coming in and out of your house on a regular basis and rearrange furniture accordingly. This may be a different traffic pattern that works solely for your family, especially if you’re corralling toddlers into certain areas. Open flowy spaces will seem larger as well. 

If you are searching for a new home, please know San Joaquin Valley Homes is still busy building homes throughout the Central Valley. Our model homes are open daily, we offer private in-person appointments and our virtual tours are available on our website.