The best reasons to live in the Central Valley

Hikers in front of California redwood trees with beams of sunlight through the trees

Are you currently living outside of the Central Valley of California and considering moving here? If you need a little more convincing, we’ve put together a list of the reasons why our little pocket in the heart of California is one of the best places to live. After all, all of us at San Joaquin Valley Homes live here too and love it! 

Small town charm. Many of the communities our homes are located in are smaller, charming cities with active main streets and a neighborhood feel. Residents root for local school teams and run into each other during their daily errands. 

Proximity to some of California’s greatest natural attractions. From river rafting, gold rush towns and giant ancient trees, a few hours’ drive can transport you to wonderful and historical adventures. Steer your car to the state capitol in Sacramento, the giant redwoods, historical Columbia and refreshing rivers and lakes. 

Better cost of living value. The Central Valley offers many vibrant communities and, yes, prices are much less than our northern and southern counterparts. Many first-time home buyers can afford and purchase a beautiful expansive home here – where homeownership may only be a dream in other parts of the state.

 First choice for local produce. Almonds, avocados, tomatoes, citrus, plums, apricots and many, many other delicious fruits, nuts and veggies originate right from here. And because we are fortunate to have so many talented farmers, we benefit from roadside farm stands and markets. Here we can pick through and enjoy the state’s freshest bounty. 

We’re so proud of this area and we believe our passion is shown in the homes we build. Please come visit us and tour our many neighborhoods to see which one is the best for your family and lifestyle. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you!