Bathroom Sharing Done Easily


In a perfect world and perfect house every person has his/her own bathroom. In reality, we often have to share. And that can be tough sometimes, especially if each person has a lot of personal health and beauty items to store. We’ve come up with some solutions, so everyone gets fair and easy use to this very important room. 

A drawer for everyone. If you have three drawers and three people, then perfect! If you have more drawers than people even better. Assign the top drawer for common items and give everyone else their own drawer. You can personalize each one with custom shelf paper and fun storage caddies. 

A shelf for everyone. If your room has a medicine cabinet, this is another easy place to carve out bathroom real estate. Since the shelves are often adjustable, assign one or two to each person to configure how they like. 

A hook for everyone. You may not have enough room for an individual towel bar for each person. If you don’t, assign decorative hooks. They take up a lot less wall space and you can often provide more than one. 

A cabinet for everyone. If you have the same number of cabinets as people, you’re in luck. But if you have fewer cupboards than bodies, give each person a space in the cabinet. This can be done easily by buying everyone their own tote or decorative storage box. Each member of the family can put all his/her own personal items away without encroaching onto another’s space. 

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