DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes

There will still be a familiar orange glow come October 31, but the parties and maybe even the trick or treating could be minimal to none. What if you still want to dress up as per the holiday? Instead of forking out lots of money this year on an elaborate costume, this may be the perfect time to try all those DIY dress ups you’ve seen on Pinterest. Here are a few easy and festive make-it-yourself costumes. 

Men In Black The only items necessary for this iconic duo are a dark suit, white shirt, dark tie and the all-important sunglasses. Everyone who sees aliens out and about will feel safe that you’re on the job. 

Smarty Pants This costume is a bit more literal. Take an old pair of jeans and glue the iconic candy “smarties” all over the legs. Team it with a button-up shirt and pair of glasses for that extra intellectual look. 

Go Batty All you need for this nighttime visitor are black pants, shoes, shirt and hood (with some ears glued on). Next, find an old black umbrella and cut in half. Sew on to the sleeves and side of the shirt (keep the metal ribs intact). When done you’ll have the illusion of real bat wings! 

Couple Envy If there are two of you, dress one up in a green shirt and the other in a white shirt with the word ENVY on it. Now you’re green with envy…get it? 

Mini Minion Dress your child in denim overalls and a yellow shirt. Next cut out a minion eye pattern (found everywhere on the internet) and glue it to a yellow hat. Easy peasy! 

Sneaky Bandit Simple black pants or leggings, a black and white striped shirt and a black beanie will have your neighbors calling 911 if they see you prowling around in the dark. 

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