How to Organize Your Dresser

Organize Your Dresser

The dresser or bureau in your bedroom may be an overlooked piece of furniture that needs a little extra attention every now and then. Having an organized dresser can be the difference between a completely chaotic morning getting dressed or a happy experience because everything is where it’s supposed to be and easy to find. These tips will make your daily sort and seek a pleasure! 

Start at the top. The surface of your dresser should either be minimal or hold just what you need it to. Try not to clutter it up by piling papers, makeup, books, etc. on top. This not only makes it a messy spot but also harder to dust and polish regularly. 

Declutter the contents. It goes without saying that your drawers should not need an extra shove to close. Go through them like you would your closet and weed out what you really need and donate or sell the rest. Do this seasonally. 

Make drawers pretty. At the beginning of this exercise, empty everything out and line your drawers with a liner that suits your personality. For a more masculine effect, use solid colors or stripes. For kids, use fun dino or animal paper. There are lovely floral and damask patterns if you prefer a softer look. 

Use organizers. Especially in drawers that contain smaller objects like paired socks and undergarments, organizers keep everything in one spot instead of lumped together in one giant heap. This will make finding these daily clothing items easy to find. 

Don’t fold everything. If you have especially bulky items like sweaters or jeans, consider storing them on shelves or on hangers in the closet. This will free up more space for items like t-shirts, pajamas, etc. 

Maintenance is key. Try as hard as you can to come up with a sustainable system. If you find yourself wavering toward falling out of step, just start all over again at the top and work your way back through the drawers. You may need to revisit your system a few times before you get it just right. 

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