Seven Home Security Ideas

Home Security

After you move into your new home, one of your to-do list items could be to up the security level in your house. Installing an alarm system seems like the most obvious way, but there are other methods and tricks that can help your home be as secure as possible. 

Install a smart garage door. A smart garage is a great way to deter parcel theft. For example, a “key” delivery through Amazon means the driver can open and close your garage via an app and securely place your package inside the garage and lock it back up again. Gone are multiple packages piled up on the front step – especially during the holidays. 

Utilize a smart doorbell. A smart doorbell will alert you wherever you are that someone is at your front door – they don’t even have to ring the bell. A motion sensor will send a notification to your app and you can then see and hear who is there and even talk to them through the bell. 

Keep a safe. Safes aren’t only great at keeping your valuables protected from theft, they also keep them safe from fire. While a firebox is a good idea if you need to grab and go, a heavy floor safe is better for keeping valuables secure and protected and can’t be carried out the door in the event of a burglary. 

Put away your ladder. It’s fall and you’re cleaning the roof and gutters, but it gets dark and you don’t finish, so you leave your ladder out to get busy the next day. By leaving your ladder out and against the house, you’ve just left a second-floor entrance to an unscrupulous passerby. Always put it away for the evening. 

Automate. So many of the tasks and processes in your home can now be accessed and adjusted via your phone or tablet. You can see who’s at the door, how many times your garage has been opened, turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, etc. Learn how to utilize all of these options so you can keep a close eye on your home when you’re not there. 

Get a dog. Nothing scares away a bandit like the bark of a fierce sounding dog. Even a little dog’s bark can break the nighttime silence and alert homeowners. And crooks do not like to have anyone alerted to their presence. 

Keep flashlights in every room. In the event of a power cut or a quick escape in the dark, have flashlights stored in every bedroom and easy to access. Teach your children where they are and that they are not be used or removed, so they’re always handy if needed. 

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