How to Make Your Home Smell Nice

Make Your Home Smell Nice

Scent has the uncanny ability to almost immediately whisk us off to a pleasant memory. Cut grass may remind you of your childhood home and evergreen scents may take you back to family holidays. And your home today doesn’t need to be any different. This sweet-smelling list has a few ideas on how to create that special scent you and your family can remember again in the future. 

Baking and Cooking Smells. Nothing says ‘home’ like delicious smells emanating from the kitchen. If you’re an avid baker, then you already have this covered, enlist the help of artificial helpers like baking scented air fresheners or plug in types. You can have your home smelling like apple pie or butterscotch cookies in no time! 

Potpourri. Not just for satchels and decorative bowls, for a more intense scent, you can simmer some in water on your stove once a week or so. During the holidays you can change up the mixture and add cinnamon and cloves for a spicier and more festive smell. 

Scented candles. There are a multitude of brands, options and scents available for everyday use. Have a stash on hand so when one is completed you have another one waiting in the wings. Just remember the safety factor when burning candles regularly. Since candles are not all created equally (sometimes you really get what you pay for), experiment with a few to find your favorite and then stock up when they go on sale. 

Combine scents. There is no rule that all the scents have to be the same. You can use complementary aromas in different spots of the house. Try combining fruity smells with citrus or woodsy smells and vanilla with berry scents for a more personalized touch. 

Be strategic. Inevitably there will be areas of your home that may need extra TLC like shoe shelves, bathrooms or where the pets hang out. Use your stronger options in those areas. 

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