Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make With Your Kids

Valentine crafts

Valentine’s Day is another holiday that is so much fun to celebrate with your family. After all, it’s a day we shower each other with a little extra love. And a fun way to celebrate with your children is to make crafts together. Here are some simple ideas to create several lovely tokens of your affection for each other. 

Thumbprint heart tree. First draw a very simple tree trunk with branches on a white piece of paper. Using a heart-shaped stencil place it over the branches where the leaves would be. Then using pink and red paint have your child fill in the template with lots of little thumb prints. Remove the template for a heart-filled tree with loads of love.

String art heart. Take a paper plate and cut it into the shape of heart. Next punch holes around the edge of the heart. Now with red yarn, have your kids string their yarn throughout the heart however they want. They can simply sew a border along the edge or crisscross it back and forth across the middle. Each one will be unique and beautiful. 

Rock Treasures. Either go for a walk with your kids to find some fun shaped rocks or purchase a bag of river rocks from your local garden center. With Valentine’s colors and acrylic paints or paint pens, paint the rocks with sweet messages and lots of hearts. Finally go back on a walk and drop the hearts at your favorite neighbors’ doors or in a park for others to find. 

Valentine’s Wreath. Cut a large circle from sturdy card stock and then cut out another circle so you have a donut shape. Precut lots of hearts in various sizes using a variety of different-styled papers from polka dots to shiny to traditional red and pink. Let your kids sift through their options and have them glue the hearts to the ring. When they’re done attach a ribbon to the top and hang above the fireplace or on the front door. 

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