Quick and Easy Ways to Save a Little Money

girl loading dishwasher

Whether you’re looking for a new home, eyeing an expensive remodel or planning for new furniture and upgrades, saving money is going to be a primary focus. Of course there are the obvious ways to save…eat in more, buy fewer non-essential items, cut back the triple soy skinny lattes. But, here are some sneaky ways to save a few cents inside your home that will just require a change in habits or lifestyle. 

Close closet and storage doors. Even though they don’t take up much space, if you add them all together, they may be the size of a small room. By closing the doors when your HVAC is on, you’re eliminating that much extra to heat or cool. 

Use cloth napkins. Instead of disposable paper napkins, invest in eight to 10 or more cloth napkins to use at meals. When done, simply toss them in the machine and wash them when you’re doing a load. You’ll not just save pennies, but it’s good for the environment too. 

Don’t rinse your dishes. Most new dishwashers are programmed to eliminate food waste within their regular cycle. Compare cleaning out the filter occasionally to using over 5 gallons of water rinsing for two minutes. 

Take five-minute showers. For most of your showers, time them with a timer or to a song and get in and out in under five minutes to save gallons of water. Note an eight-minute shower uses 17 gallons of water! Treat yourself once a week or so to a more leisurely one. 

Lower your hot water tank temperature. Set a goal at 120 degrees. You can lower your water heating costs three to five percent for every 10 degrees you lower the temp. 

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