Fun New Ways to Color Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs

No doubt when Easter comes, your go to craft is the pre-made Easter egg kits that contain all you need to whip up a batch of pretty pastel eggs. But this year, go a step further with one or more of these ideas for the prettiest eggs on the block! 

String art. Prior to placing the eggs into the dye, wrap them tightly with cotton twine. Then remove the twine once the egg is completely dry. You’ll love the white stringy lines left behind. 

Paint it. This concept skips the dye all together. Instead purchase water based acrylic paints and paint brushes. After you’ve boiled the eggs, use their stark whiteness as a fabulous background for a budding work of art from polka dots to flowers to an elaborate image. 

Easter chicks. Dye a batch of eggs bright yellow and then glue the tuft of a yellow feather to the top of each egg. Glue on an orange beak cut out of construction paper, and using a marker, make two dots for eyes. Next break a few undyed eggs in half, throw away (or use) the yolks, rinse and dry. Sit the yellow chick (egg) inside the broken half and place the whole gang into a nest of raffia! 

Monster eggs. Dye eggs as per usual, but afterwards glue on eyeball and mouth stickers, googly eyes, pipe cleaner legs and arms to make a batch of cute and terrifying little monsters.

Sparkle eggs. After you’ve dyed your eggs, make a mixture of glitter glue and a touch of matching food coloring. Simply paint the colored glitter glue all over the egg for a blinged out effect. 

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